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So i purchased a dozen or more of yoplait Creamsicle whips as the week progressed opening each of them they were liquid the date was good i also purchased other flavors and they were fine. Not sure why this occurred if its Walmart or Yoplait

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I would say this IS a WM issue.

When WM and other major food retailers stock, they place large palettes of food in the isles for there workers. Sometimes, these are left for hours.

Problem is, prioritizing....

Frozen & refrigerated foods should be stocked first. Can/box items can wait until last.

This is not always the case.

At times I shop at night and see palettes of frozen foods left in the isles my entire shopping time. That's terrible.


They leave food in the isles, no wonder the food gets back, it must take a long time to get the food off the island and into the store, especially since most of them are in hot areas. Now if you mean aisles than well typically they are supposed to get them on the shelves within half an hour or they throw it out and put it in something called claims.


When the yoplait whips are "liquid" that means they were exposed to room temperature (or even higher) at some point.

How do I know this?

My daughter loves yoplait whips. So she asked if I could start sending them to her in her packed school lunch.

No problem, but after a few weeks I asked her how she likes the whips. She said fine, but that they weren't whipped anymore and had turned into "regular yogurt".

This is because yoplait takes regular yogurt and just injects air into it to "whip" it into an air-like consistency. But constant refrigeration is required to maintain this state, or else all of the gas escapes out of the yogurt. If you've ever had an Icee it is very similar - it is frozen soda pop "whipped" into an airy state due to the carbonation.

However, if you've ever left some of your Icee sit for a long time, it turns back into a puddle of plain liquid.

My guess on your yoplait whips is that someone purchased a bunch of them, returned them for whatever reason, and at the return desk they throw everything that needs to be restocked into separate carts by department. So for example, the returned whips were thrown into the "dairy" cart. The problem is that it often sits for hours until some associate comes and picks up the carts to restock everything. I've seen this with my own eyes many times - steaks, ground beef, bacon, frozen foods, fruit, etc, all heaped into a cart sitting at room temperature waiting to be restocked.

WalMart is the worst offender by far, but I've seen it at a few other stores too.

The other possibility is that there was a power outage and the refrigerated cases eventually got to room temperature. I saw this at my local IGA grocery store a number of years ago following some ice storms that knocked out power in some areas for up to 2 weeks! The IGA didn't have power for 2-3 days. As things were defrosting/etc they were selling it to people at firesale prices, and then eventually they had to throw everything out that was compromised.

Now, as far as safety, it depends on your bravery. My daughter's yogurts were only room temperature for an hour or 2 at the most, and she is perfectly fine. But there's no way to know by looking. My advice is to return it.

For one, you paid for WHIPPED yogurt. If you wanted REGULAR yogurt you would have just bought that.

Secondly, for the WHIPPED yogurt to turn into REGULAR yogurt it was exposed to room temperatures for an unknown period of time, which is a safety issue. I'm sure the store won't have any problem exchanging them for you.


Well......since WM does not own Yoplait......and does not make the product......

I will leave you to figure out where the issue might be coming from....