Houston, Texas
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walmart is a horrible place the employees all suck they are a bunch of lifeless zombies and the site to store is even worse it takes way to long to get the merchandise that you probaly should have just bought some where else and no one on their 800 number can speak proper english either they speak ebonics or sound like they just learned how to speak english yesterday its redicuolus!! im not prejiduce because im a half black half hispanic female and also they are rude i wanted a refund so they tried to say my stuff was damaged in transit after 1 month of hearing nothing they tried a you didnt fire me i quit type of thing well *** you walmart i fired your ***!!

Monetary Loss: $1010.

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First of all...it's Walmart You're Fired.

Second of all.

Who are you to judge people's english? You can even spell it yourself.


Don't know what walmart you are shopping at...but, here in Ga. my store is the best store in the district.

We have very wonderful employees...i am one of them. I would like to comment on the other person comment...yes we are very stressed out, underpaid, and work very hard.

If customers like you, wasn't so hard to please, and would take ya ungreatful, low-life, disrespectful self to k-mart next time...it would make mine and many others jobs wonderful...(Smiles) Thank you for Shopping Wal-Mart!!!! :roll


Stop stereotyping, there are some very wonderful employees that work at Walmart.And for the *** they put up with rude customers who disrespect them because they automatically assume they are all idiots, I wouldnt even last a minute working there,nor would I blame them if they take stress medications.


Wal-Mart employees are not all lifeless zombies, their just overworked and highly underpaid to put up with all the *** that they do.