Yukon, Oklahoma
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Granted it was black friday and there was chaos everywhere the Walmart in Yukon, Oklahoma has the absolute worst customer service EVER!

The sales had started and I had already grabbed what I was there to get and went to reach for my cell phone when I realized it was not where I had put it.

So with my group and RIDE HOME in a completely unknown part of the store and with no way of finding my group I approached a group of sale associates. I asked if there was a way I could page my group or I could use a phone because my cell phone had been stolen and I had no other way of reaching my group. The sales associates rolled their eyes and walked away. So i headed to the customer service desk where there was absoplutely no way of getting through to make a comnplaint about the lost cell phone or to find any way to find my group.

Long story short, I spoke with over 20 different sales associates who all refused to help me, get a manager or do much of anything but roll their eyes and walk away....i ran into a VERY VERY nice elderly lady who had witnessed the rudeness of the sale associates and offered me the use of her cell phone. I eventually found my group and made my way home.

That next morning I returned to file a complaint about my cell and was told pretty much too bad because you waited too long to report it missing/stolen.... I will NEVER give my money to that awful place again!

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Oh boo hoo hoo. You want to complain about your phone but think of all the workers that had to miss part of Thanksgiving and come into work just so you could be the first one to get an item you don't need and probably can't afford.

Don't hold your breath while we send out a search party for your toy (cell phone). :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Are you posting while intoxicated or posting while retarded? What do you want an associate at Walmart to do?

go look at the tapes and go punch someone in the face because you lost your phone? You don't even know for sure if you lost the thing or if it was stolen. And you do sound like a 5 year old.

You lost your toy (your phone in case you have trouble following), and you wanted everyone to drop what they were doing and help you locate your toy and your mommy. pathetic.


I have an extremely small *** and huge mantis and nothing better to do than cause problems on the Internet. Where's my blow up girlfriend when I need her?


Walmart shod be more concerned with customer service they have seriously poor practices I how they resolve any issues in the store. Whether or not it was a sale day irony, if any customers personal property and personal space is violated in their stores they should have a better way of resolving the issue other than rolls g their eyes and ignoring a customers concern.

Any other time they have absolutely I issues Pago b aillion people to come here or there to find their group... These are legitimate complaints based off of a poorly taken care of issue. I was by no means rude or disrespectful in my concern to any of them not was I when I posted it on here. There is absolutely no call for being treated the way I was by the employees or yourself.

And I just plainly stated that Walmart will not be getting money from me anymore which is not an issue of yours so therefore your entire comment wAs uncalled for and disrespectful!

And this is what is wrong with our society. No one knows common decency is anymore!


You're right I'm dumb and shouldn't be allowed out of my house. It's amazing I haven't drowned eating a bowl of fruit loops yet. Luckily I still live with my parents so they're responsible for me still.


Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I work for walmart. It's true, you're an adult, take responsibility for yourself.


You must work for Walmart timthomas cause you're no better!


So you went into a crowd without securing your personal belongings, and couldn't figure out that when all else fails you just go to the car when you're done shopping? Become a grown up and take responsibility for yourself, don't expect workers at a retail shop to treat you like a small child who lost his mommy.