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So this is how my morning went at Walmart. EQUAL OPPERTUNITY IS A LIE!!! Not only that but I posted this on their page and not even 5 minutes later it had been deleted. I emailed it to them and posted it on my local news page and Pissed Consumers Page and this is what I sent to walmart:

I applied for a job at the store in Weaverville

North Carolina and guess what I GOT IT!!!! I went to orientation today and guess what I found out. AFTER I was at that store 3 times to get this job, sent across the county for a drug test, had to sit for 2 hours at that drug test, bought me clothes for this job THEY WILL NOT HIRE ME BECAUSE I AM 16! I will never spend my money at another unprofessional, immature, asinine, Walmart. This chain of zoo's is pathetic. YOUR store should have put me somewhere that I could work instead of KNOWING I was 16 and could not touch alcohol and promising me a job as a cashier. My father had to drive me FORTY FIVE MINUTES to this store to start my first day of work of which I was told to show up in dress code and come to find out the idiots who run this place gave me a job I could not have THIS STORE SHOULD HAVE PUT ME SOMEWEHRE ELSE!! Their excuse for not putting me in a position a 16 year old could work at was there was not a place. I would like to know why I was promised a job if they could not place me knowing I could not be a cashier. And there is room for me NOBODY WORKS THERE!! You have to stand in the middle of the walk way and yell at someone to go over there and 99.9% of the time the person who comes is not even the person who works in the dept. The shelves are always empty. OBVIOUSLY there is room for me. I would rather pay an extra 5 bucks somewhere else on my stuff then to ever walk into another asylum such as a Walmart. At least 50 bucks has been wasted on gas and me buying your "code" *** for this place for your friends at the Walmart in Weaverville located at 25 Northridge Parkway.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Marquette, Michigan, United States #1175928

Not surprised at all. The local Walmart here discriminates against employees with disabilities and makes up "coaching reasons" to get ride of them. Real lowlife managers, with cheap ties.


I think your childish attitude is the reason you did not get the job, not the fact that you are 16. You may be 16 but you are throwing a temper tantrum and acting like a three year old.


I have a question. Hope someone can help.

I went to the interview was hired on the spot, sent for my drug test (i passed obviously ). Came out of the testing center and had a voice mail from the lady who hired me "there's been a descreptency "she says. I called her right back and had to leave a message "she's not available"I'm told.

After listening to the whole message i hear the whole conversation she had with a coworker calling me a "cracker and typical Wal-Mart cashiers ". It's been 10 days and still no return call is this discrimination?

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1001921

Grow up, another retard mistaking not getting the job as discrimination. You must be black.

to KevinRichards Houston, Texas, United States #1002023

Nope your wrong I'm not

to Sttk Orange, California, United States #1002179

Well whatever it is you need to grow up and stop mistaking not being qualified for a job as discrimination.


They would have known how old you were when you filled out your hire packet.

to rosienoway #1001923

Agrees, they are just using that as an excuse. I have a feeling that behaving like a toddler and throwing temper tantrums is the real reason they did not get the job.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #699131

The temper tantrum you just displayed definitely shows you aren't old enough to work any place. Even if you were 18, they would have to page somebody older to come to the register to sell booze and I think cigarettes.

As far as clothes goes all you would have had to buy was one pair of pants in the appropriate color, one pair would get you started because they can be laundered and dried after you got off work. I'm sure you didn't need special shoes, and you might have had to buy one of their t-shirts for work, but you could have bought that there when you reported for work.

It is altogether possible that the only openings they had were for cashiers or overnight positions, which wouldn't work real well for a kid in school. From the sound of your complaint, you have a lot of growing up to do.

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