Indianapolis, Indiana
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I got on at 301 AM was trying to buy my 40 in tv and of course couldn't get to it, Couldn't find it. I plan to hit the store now but if I don't get my TV because its out of stock I think we the consumers should file a class action suit against this lying giant of a failed retail sales firm.

Way to Lie to consumers Way to fail expectations. You guys need to get your acts together before you do another early black Friday sale online

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Failed website Failed sales offer, Lies.

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Maybe you misread the ad? And besides that, there is no guarantee when you are ordering something online.

Instead of just competing with the customers at the store you go to, you are dealing with customers across the country. You would have been better off going the store in the first place.


agree!!! it literally took me two and a half hours to finally add items I wanted which is only about 75% of them available and then 45 minutes just to check out.

And then when I finally got to the last step of the payment information it wouldn't take the card or any other payment option. And then it said your card is lost I was so pissed 3 hours of absolutely nothing


I was just at walmart last week and the black friday deals were the same price as things were then.