Allentown, Pennsylvania

I was checking out. My friend was ahead of me waiting after she checked out. I bought wine coolers. The cashier said I need to see proof of age (I'm 66) my friend (55). I said, "Why her? She's done and I'm buying my own things." She said, "I don't care. It's the rule and if the whole line was with you I would proof the whole line." I said, "That's just crazy. We aren't even in the same car." She said, "That's the rule." My friend asked, "What would you do if a mother with an under age child was buying wine coolers?" She said, "I wouldn't let her buy them." I said this is a bunch of ***.

She said, "Wegman's proofs anyone in line behind you if you buy it there." I said, "No, they don't," as I buy it there with my husband and only one of us shows proof. I will say that I will never buy in your store again as the people in Newark have always been rude as far as I'm concerned. I usually travel out of town to shop and I will continue. I'm sure nothing will be done but I want to tell you I think if that's a rule, it's a *** one.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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If I was going to buy someone who is underage cigs or booze. I sure as *** wouldn't bring them into the store with me.

Walmarts card everyone in the group Policy was not well planned. Someone commented here that it is a state law to card the group. Sorry I never heard of that, however I'm not up on all the state laws. If carding the group is a law in any state it is a pretty screwed up law.

Last I heard this was a free country and a person of 18 is allowed buy cigarettes, and a person of 21 is allowed buy alcohol. Proof of age is all that is needed. The ages of the people with them should not matter. It is on them to make the responsible choice.

If they supply and underage person they should be prepared to suffer the consequences. Anyway...A Walmart cashier carded my Mom(60), Me(41), because my 14 yr old niece was with us. As if my Mom and I are just hanging with some random 14yr old stocking her up on e cigarette refills.

Use your Brain walmart staff. :)


Getting pissed over getting carded come on you should be lucky they carded you if you say you are that old! Take it as a compliment. Its the law if you don't like it take it up with the state and not Walmart if your that pissed.


In the state I live in they have to card everyone that is with you (its the law not just at walmart, smae goes for cigerettes). So if it looked like she was with you tahts probably why.

I'm sure not all places follow said law. :)


They did the same thing to me. My husband was buying a bottle of wine and because I was talking to him, I had to be carded too.

I am wheelchair bound and for convenience I had left my wallet at home for the short trip to the market. I was unable to prove my age, so he left the wine at the check-out. btw, I'm 46 so it's not like I could pass for being under 21 EVER. I asked the clerk if I had been his neighbor and just stopped to talk to him, would I still have to have ID?

She told me yes. Sooooo - I learned the lesson that I'll have to wait in the car next time we go to Wal Mart. Maybe the pinch Wal Mart ends up feeling from the loss of impulse sales that are generated when I tag along with my husband will change their mind about their alcohol sale policies.

Take care and don't forget -- SHOP LOCAL! ;-)