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Thank you for being a loyal Internet on the Go customer. On May 15th, Internet on the Go will be changing some of its plans.

This price change will affect some but not all of our customers, in fact many will be unaffected by the change. We wanted to give you a heads up, so that you are aware of this upcoming change.With increasing costs from our network providers, we need to adjust the number of megabytes offered in some plans and will discontinue one of our 30-day plans.

As of May 15th, the plans will be:“Use Whenever” Plans (megabytes never expire)$10 - 500MB$25 - 1.5GB$45 - 3GB -- <25% INCREASE>30-Day Plans (megabytes expire after 30 days)$25 - 2GB$45 - 4GB <100% INCREASE>WARNING, WILL ROBINSON! WARNING!

Monetary Loss: $480.

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I can live with this change, but they failed to tell customers they will be cheating you out of time as well. I have had up to 79mb deducted for being on the internet less than an hour, paying bills and checking e-mail.

I am seeing a record of my having logged on 10 or more times in one day, which is totally wrong.

The service is now slower than dial up internet, and lucky is the one who doesn't get kicked off as soon as they logged on. I have spent over half an hour trying to bring up something, anything with no success, nothing but error messages that failure to load had occurred, but the mb deductions kept rolling along.


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Ever mobile company sees price increases. Every regular retail store does the same.