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The warranty we bought from Walmart is Junk. We got a TV screen from them and the screen had damage.

We sent it to the warranty company who denied it and stated that the LCD screen is not covered due to damage. Then went to plug the TV after they returned it and now it doesn't work at all. Before when we made the first complaint we had a line on the screen now we get nothing. We took it to the store to talk to the manager and they were unable to do anything.

Also initially when we bought the TV we specifically asked does it cover damage.

The cashier told us yes. Thinking that just maybe they have trainied their employees on the warranties at least a little we took her word for it. When you buy warranty they only show you the blue and green cover it is given to you and the cashier pointed to us were it saids: For items 150 and above our team of experts will either fix your item and ship it back to you, or repair it in you home. We mistakenly took the cashiers knowledge or lack of knowledge and bought the warranty.

Now we are sitting here without a TV. Walmart either needs to train employees on their warranties or tell employees not to give an answer they are unsure of. They could of should us the warranty policy that was conveniently folded inside the cover and said to review it.

I didn't even know that part was there until after we bought it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $198.

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I would say that if you know how to repair it then you may be better off doing that. Most of the time if you take it to get repaired then it may cost just as much as the TV.

You may be able to sell the TV on EBay or Craigslist for parts or donate it to Goodwill Industries and get a receipt for tax deduction.

Sometimes you're better off reading those warranty pamphlets yourself before buying it and keeping the pamphlet. I would ask a person at a TV repair shop.

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