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Many, many times Walmart charges higher prices at the cash register than the shelf items. I would be at home many miles away to find this out.

Today, I bought 12 cans of cat food and was charged for 13. The cashier was nearly blind and held everything one inch from her glasses. I went to my car and this time I counted and check it against the receipt. Then I found the over charge by one can.

I went back into the store immediately and had to wait at the customer service line forever when I was called on I told the cashier what the problem was, she was going to give me back $.57 I was charged for a can I did not get. A cocky woman manager standing next to her immediately interrupted her right away and said check with the cashier if that is right. I said how is this cashier going to know if she made a mistake. I said here is the bag of cat food cans that she put in the bag.

The count is 12. The manager argued and argued with me. I said this is insane. I have nothing better to do that stand her when it was the cashier who over charged me.

Well the cashier went to talk to the cashier with the eye problems. I asked to speak to another manager higher than her, as she said this is our new security policy. I said the whole world has gone nuts, you think she knows if she over charged me or this wouldn't have happened then. I asked to speak to her boss and he came and I explained this to him.

He said I'm sorry you where overcharged but maybe the cashier would remember charging you for a can you didn't buy. I said you and this store are nuts. I got my $.57 and walked out. Let me tell you if this was what I think it is, do they think I was cheating them or stealing from them?????

Well, I was not and for $.57 they lost a customer. All the times they ripped me off.

Walmart I always went and shopped there but as of today 3/22/2016 you just broke the camels back. You can go bankrupt.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of walmart cashier. Walmart needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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