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This same security that has followed me around the store the last few times I was at the Round Rock, TX store. Nothing rude, but I just let him have it!!

I told him I don't appreciate the racism this store has been inflicting on me and I have a good mind to sue the store. He denied that was what I was experiencing, but I know the truth. I then saw him walk by again when I went by the deli to pick up my luncheon meats.

Oddly enough I got end pieces Instead of meat when I got home. Round Rock, Texas must be the new KKK capitol of the world.

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Why do you go to a "racist" store and endure such harassment? Get a life.

Maybe you are the racist one. The Pussification of America is almost complete thanks to whiny babies like you :cry :cry :cry

It seems racism is making a comeback in America.


Mr. White is just some racist, no life loser from a poor part of the Bronx that has nothing better to do other than be racist and change his username for every comment. but to the original poster, I highly doubt the security guard always follows you.


What kind of drugs are you on? They seem like they rock. Care to share?


Honkies are the *** of the world, sista.


Stopza mekin funz uf uz. We iz no we iz ignant an po an robz yallz an likes da chikn an sheet, bhut itz hertz owr fehlinz an sheet win yallz say dat sheet.


I agree Mr White's comment was racist. However this person has posted like three or four false claims of racism and they use terms like "white trash" and "honkie" themselves so they are either trolling or had too much to drink.


OK MR white you are a racist *** and for anyone to make a statement regarding color and etc should keep it to them self's as it clearly show some people have no respect for others.


How ya doing DEE! Either you are a nasty foul mouthed sheboon or you are a n-igger lover.

If you are a sheboon, choke on a chicken bone you filthy disgusting wild boon n-igger! If you are a white n-igger lover, go get raped by wild feral n-igger bucks and get robbed you n-igger loving liberal b-itch.


Oh yes Mr. White, I'm just a bottom feeding, gang banging, ghetto wellie like all us black folks


Mr. Whites comment needs to be deleted immediatley and he needs to be blocked.....ignorance is alive and well in the bronx!


Another ignorant, wild sheboon engaging in tnb. Nice n-igger name, Shameeka.

I have noticed that black people that have *** African monkey names are darkies that engage in tnb. You are probably followed around because you had far too many cat 5 chimp outs in the store and they want to make sure you don't go full force sheboon chimp and destroy the store. I once was a security guard. This sheboon was about to chimp out because the cashier would accept stolen merchandise as a return.

I calmly told the feral sow to leave an once she said,"U iz raysis," that's when I grabbed her by her nappy fro and threw her out the store onto the ground. Now it's time for me to say random racial gums, n-iggers, sheboon, tar babies, niglets, talking monkey, darkie, suburb ape, urban gorilla, Africant American, food stamp collector, chicken bone, spade, coon,


Why dont you stay at home if you think everyone is racist and out to get you.



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