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I was leaving walmart in Anderson indiana after making purchase for Mothers Day. A woman came up and asked for reciept.

After i had walked past scanner. It totally humiliated me. She was rude and I tryied to ask questions and a police woman was there seconds after start of incident. When I tried to say something , the policewoman told me " If I wanted a long night and paused ".

I didnt try to find out anything after that. The woman checked my reciept which was in my wallet and then checked my bag. I told the woman that I was going to call Walmart and she said go ahead it's " It's 1800 - walmart". i also said I wouldn't be back and she said "thats fine".

it was totally embarrassing standing there with a police officer and the woman representing walmart having me get my reciept out and her checking my bag. People were around watching and I can imagine what they were thinking. At least they could have asked me to go to a private room. Then the male manager lied to me about setting off silent alarm.

Is there anything I can do about be treated like a thief?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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