Topeka, Kansas
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I went to return a blender without a receipt and was told that I had to exchange the item from the housewares department only. They would not issue a return even on a gift card. I was then told that I could not return anything else without a receipt for a year.

I have yet to find any policy on the number of returns you can make without a receipt. Let alone, having to wait for a year before another return without a receipt can be made.

I am further appalled by being told the department that I had to choose an item out of. What if I didn't need another blender, dishes, etc?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Next time you make an expensive purchase give the receipt to mom or dad since you are not capable of holding to one, when you keep losing your receipt and try to make a return people get suspicious.


Why did you buy the blender in first place? If you didn't want to buy another blender then for sure you'll be flagged. You had the option to get a different type of blender or mixer but since you choose not to, the return isn't deemed valid but suspicious


They aren't required to do anything for you without a receipt. Always keep your receipt.


"In the event that a customer has returned more than three items without receipts within a 45-day period, the cash register system will automatically flag the transaction, and a customer service manager or member of management must approve the return. These cash register messages will remain for six months and will disappear if there are no more returns during that time period."

Try keeping your receipts.


Most stores have a no receipt no cash refund policy.....because people will steal items then return them for cash....don't like it don't shop there, or anywhere else...most places require a receipt