Rochester, New York
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When the pharmacist came out today to talk to me after I had been waiting 10 minutes, her first words were "whats that look for?" sorry I am not 2-faced I only have one look. then she said its our policy for you to see the pharmacist.

So I said ok what do you want? she said nothing and walked away snickering. If I can't get my scripts without being treated badly I will switch to wegmans and that store wont get another cent from me. I will pay double somewhere else unless you teach your staff some manners.

and the pharmacist doesn't say anything just puts the pills in the bag and walks away.

so why do I have to see the nasty, ill-behaved witch? please explain.

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This is your second post about this same experience.

Pharmacists will request to speak to persons picking up their prescriptions as a precautionary measure to insure that the customer gets any questions they have answered. It's as much a protection for the pharmacist, as it is for the customer.

It annoys me also.

But, I've never had to wait. Next time they ask you to wait, tell them ahead of time that you don't have ANY questions about the medication, that you have spoken to your doctor about your questions, and have used it many times.


That is weird, someone told me the same thing happened to him! He was told he had to wait and speak to the pharmacist, the pharmacist went over there, he said "what do I have to wait for?" The pharmacist said "I don't know" and walked away. What's up lady Scott?


go to a local pharmacist one that does not work for a franchise. they are the nicest people they work for you these franchises WALMART, WEGMANS run.........................


Quite odd