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I went to the tire center of Walmart yesterday after I had a flat that needed repair. I arrived at the store at 3:50 pm.

I was told by the employee that there was one customer ahead of me and I was looking at a 30-45 minute wait to have the tire repaired. I had to pick up my baby from day care at 5:30 but that was sufficient time to get the repair done and I had noticed that there was no other cars in the tire repair area but mine and one other car so there shouldnt have been much of an issue. After 10 minutes of leaving my car I was called over the intercom to come back to the tire area. I was told that the tire could not repaired and that I could have my spare put on instead.

I was told that this would be done very shortly and so I decided to just hang out in the tire area until this was done. It had then turned to be 5:20. I had been waiting for an hour and 1/2 at this point. I noticed that there was only 3 technicians working and my car was not even being worked on and other cars had come into the center and were being worked on while mine just sat there unattended.

I became worried at this point because I had to pick up my baby in 10 minutes. I asked the cashier at the tire center to please check on the status of my car because I needed to leave ASAP. She asked a technician how much longer it was going to be and he said to me "I cant give you an answer, I cant just snap my fingers and it be done, I dont do magic tricks"!! I became very frustrated at this point and asked again for them to just release my keys to me so I could get my child from day care.

He walked away from me back into the repair area letting the door close behind him and did nothing. My car was still left sitting unattented. I then asked for a manager and waited another 20 minutes before the manager came. He was nice and apologized but it did nothing to help with the situation at hand.

I was lied to in the beginning, My car was pushed to the back of the line and I recieved the worst service that I have ever recieved anywhere in my entire life. There was absolutely no customer service..none whatsoever and a horrible employee by the name of "Travis" that felt he could tell me how it was going to be and showed no concern for me or the fact that I needed to get to my baby.

Unbelieveable experience!! I will NEVER step foot back into a Walmart tire center again and I will make sure that everyone I meet who mentions Walmart repairs to never go there as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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1. Never Ever go to an auto repair shop in a hurry!

2. Never Ever go to an auto repair shop without a backup plan.

Once they have your car, your at there mercy for an unconscious shop.


How could I leave when they wouldn't hand me over my keys? Yes I wasted my time and made this whole story up. I had nothing better to do today.


Thanks for fessing up.You had me going for a while.I didn't think anyone would have been taking Travis seriously.


No problem.


This had to be a put on.Nobody would have listened too "Travis" and sat and waited.


How could I leave when they wouldn't hand me over my keys? Yes I wasted my time and made this whole story up. I had nothing better to do today.


Travis !!!!! the guy with the lazy eye and uni brow no forehead and dried chewing tobacco an his chin.You believed him??

He's not qualified to change his own socks and you believed him???

My god he's the poster child of why you don't marry your cousin(if you ever needed one)A lot rest on your shoulders for listing.My god he probably didn't even know he was talking to a person most likely you was just part of the voices in his head.

You really sat there and waited ?? unbelievable :?

@unbelievabley Shocked 1

The whole reply is funny. I can't even tell if you're being serious or not. Lol!!


I would never bring my car to walmart for repairs that was your first mistake. places that sell milk,guns, socks, toys, shampoo, fish can not possibly do any one thing well and walmart is a perfect example of not being able to do anything well!! Low paid employees do not care they will get paid the low paid hourly money if you are happy and if you are unhappy!!


very true Anonymous,

I don't shop at Walmart but I have been there in the past too check on tyres.And have seen first hand the people and the behavior they set.I would never hand my keys over anymore than i would a valet dressed in the gang wear.


Yes you're right. It won't happen again!


Yes you're right. I should have known better and I won't be back there again.


To bad you don't have a Dunn Tire in Houston.(No I don't work for them)but like someone else said it is better too have them specialize in one product.I have never had a problem when I have gone to Dunn Tire.Good luck and I hope things work out much better in the future for you.If you need a tire repaired.