Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I bought Alumna wallet at a retail store. Paid about $10.00.

It was OK for about two days. I found the product was cheaply made. I tried to carry all my cards, drivers license & a little cash & had a really hard time closing it. I feel that the commercials are misleading and deceptive.

Let's just say that this product is a joke. Oh yeah, I went back to my old wallet.. They say you can run a car over it & supposedly waterproof.

I will be testing it you can gaurantee. Thank you for your time int this matter.

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Was that pen you stole a piece of junk too? :grin


WalMart is the biggest buyer of Chinese junk in the world. Thus, most things you buy at WalMart are apt to be junk. Just expect that when/if you buy anything from WalMart.


So you're complaining about Wal-Mart because you believe they made the wallet?