I bought some things. I asked the cashier if I got everything and she said yes.

I got home and an item was missing so I called the store and the girl told me to come and it will be at customer service. I told her this has happened before and I'm tired of wasting my time and gas. She suggested I speak to the manager so she put me on hold on my cell phone. After ten minutes on hold, I went to the store.

I arrived and customer service was closed. The greeter told me to go to Register #11. Only two were open and had very long lines, and I'm still on hold on my cell phone for the manager.

I waited in this line for ten minutes. I got up there, explained the problem and the cashier stated as if I should know, "There is the manager." I told her to get him.

I showed him that I was still on hold for 25 minutes and he said, "Well, I am the only manager." I told him that someone should have gotten on that phone. I explained how the cashiers need to be trained better on double checking bags and I'm tired of wasting time and gas for this. He really didn't care about my troubles so I left.

I ended up going back the next day for a melon I didn't get, I paid for that as well. I am really tired of people that don't want to do the job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I went to walmart one day and was in a hurry to make an appointment and forget one of my bags. I had to drive back to the store and I was cursing all the way back.

Not at the store but at me for being so absent minded that I forgot one of my packages. I went to customer service and they gave me my package. I guess I should be upset because I did not have my receipt and they asked me what was in the package to make sure it was mine. I guess by your way of thinkng how dare they ask me questions to make me proof that it was my package.

I suppose if I went in and said I left 1,000.00 they should just open the cash register and give me the money.

You have a lot of growing up to do. With that said it is probably time for your nap and bottle.


what are you waiting for this time anonymous? Tropical Storm Debby to come towards you so you can blame Walmart for the next big storm?

waiting on your psychiatrist to have a free schedule so you can visit them? are you waiting to finally find something to do with yourself? I'm waiting too, waiting for you to finally learn how to turn your psychotic switch off.

as for the original poster.. check your bags from now on.

even though I have never worked and Walmart, nor would I ever work in that crazy place, I feel bad for the cashiers that have to constantly ring people up. it'd be a lot easier if they could take a break for a couple minutes if they were actually more registers open.

but it is what it is. so instead of being a lazy a$$hole, just check the bags next time.


You purchase an item, it is yours once you have paid for it. Therefore your responsibility.

Your problem, your mistake. You should have double checked, thats your stuff and your time.

:p Jedi - not my concern, now! :zzz
I'll just be over here, waiting!! :grin

I just cannot wait to see Ocean Springs anonymous defend the customer's actions and blame the cashier.


"He really didn't care about my troubles" - The only troubles you have are your own. If you can't see that one of your bags was left on the carousel, then you must be an 1D1OT.


"People like you are why America has become such a country full of lazy, worthless fat f**ks. It's YOUR responsibility and not the cashiers to make sure you have everything when you leave the store. If that is too much work and responsibility for you then maybe you shouldn't go shopping."

He/she can still go shopping, they just need someone to babysit them and make sure they got all the things they paid for.


I think that because you are incapable of making sure you have all your things that you should not be shopping alone. If this happened before why not check your bags, despite what the cashier said?

Grow up and take some responsibility, or shop with someone who is responsible. Did your parents not train you to check and make sure you had everything before you left. It is not the cashier's job to babysit an adult such as yourself. How is the cashier to know you have the responsibility and intelligence level of a seven year old?

Also there are other customers, and the world does not revolve around you. If you want the managers help you have to stop acting like a seven year old and wait your turn. Did you really expect the cashier to go away from her register and ignore the other customers and help you?

You have entitlement issues and think the world revolves around you. If your parents actually did teach you any better, I feel bad for them since you are ignoring all that they taught you.


Yes, the fat, lazy, worthless folks seem to go to Walmart and to McDonalds, at least according to this website, one of my favorites. I dislike going to Walmart only for that reason.

I would never expect much help on the phone from a big-box store. Likewise, the super-sized meals are perfect for these people; although there are always problems with McD's as well, especially for those too lazy to go in to the restaurant counter.

It is amusing to read, but not so much fun in person. To much of a hurry to do things right the first time, but then will spend hours on the phone -- where is the logic?

You are the only person responsible for making sure you have all of your things. Cashiers have enough to do.

Although, customer service is their job, it's not their only job. They're not there to babsit.

Get a grip, get all your stuff, and get on with your life. :cry

People like you are why America has become such a country full of lazy, worthless fat f**ks. It's YOUR responsibility and not the cashiers to make sure you have everything when you leave the store. If that is too much work and responsibility for you then maybe you shouldn't go shopping.

:? :cry

You are the one not doing the job. Pay attention to your things.

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