Denver, Colorado
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The Walmart Cashier on 287 between Loveland and Fort Collins CO literally STOLE my money. I handed her several bills, including a 100 dollar bill.

I made the mistake of not keeping my eye on the middle-aged lady and she said I only handed her a 50. Well, I know what I did and argued she must have pulled the 50 out of her cash drawer and said See? SHE STOLE THE OTHER 100 from me!

Also, me and other friends have had several experiences of when swiping the credit card, they will push the option of you want cash back when I know I haven't pushed it.

They then pocket your change. This is a cash advance you have to pay for while they make off with the extra change.

Be sure to watch your recepts, people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You have no idea what you're even talking about. The cash back option is only available to the customer; the cashier has no part in choosing that option.

This is why the screen says Waiting On Customer whenever the option is on the pinpad screen. I literally can't stand most of the customers that come through my store.

Seriously, if you don't work there, then keep your mouth shut! Pathetic...

@Speaking from experience

Oh my. I totally agree with you.

The person who posted this nonsense is pathetic. yes, the customer is the only one who can select the cash back option. So if this person is gonna make this up, then i'm surely not believing them about getting their money "stolen"!! They are probably just one of this quick change artists who are just mad that the cashier didn't fall for their scam.

Lol. What an ***.

@Speaking from experience

It might be true that there is no way to do that from the cashier's end... but doesn't mean I'm gonna read that comment and put up with you badmouthing customers!!

Just cos I don't work there doesn't mean I'm a dumb *** that doesn't know what I'm talking about! You literally can't stand most of your customers? Well, those customers you hate so *** much pay your *** salary, ***! You know...the next time I go to CO, I MIGHT just pay your store a little visit and see how much of an attitude you have!

You don't like your customers...get out of customer service jobs!!! Tell me to keep my mouth shut because I don't work there?

Word of advice: Don't go so far out of your way to *** someone off who's already pissed...because when you have no customers left due to your might want to start wondering how you feel about those customers afterward. There is no place for *** in hospitality or retail!


The only way you can get cash back is if the customer selects it. The cashier on their side cannot choose cash back. Also if the cashier took extra money from you all that you had to do was ask a csm to count the cashier register to see if it was over.