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On 3/4/11, My wife purchased several items through Walmart.com $509.77, first mistake.

Ten minutes later after reviewing her order she CALLED customer service at Walmart.com to cancel two items, bringing the total down to $421.55.

Instead of modifying the existing order they created a new order, putting a hold on another 421.55, bringing the total to $931.32.

By 3/5/11 they debited that amount from our account. Their TOS clearly states that no monies shall be taken until products ship.

When we saw this we call once again on 3/5/11 to cancel entire purchase, received E-Mail conformation of cancellation.

They require 24 to 48 hrs notice to cancel before they ship. On 3/6/11 received E-Mail of first item being shipped, called on the 6th to reconfirm cancellation, received E-Mail again confirming cancellation on the 6th.

On the 7th received E-Mail of two more items being shipped, called again on the 7th to stop anymore items being shipped.

Today 3/8/11 check bank account and another 421.55 removed from our account, and received another E-Mail of two more items being shipped.

Now I have called corporate 5 times and Wal.com six times, they now have taken 1,352.87, still sending items.

This is a secondary account from our billing account so minimal monies are kept in there, needless to say this over-drafted the account along with a few items purchase after all this bring bounce fees to $250.00.

Now here is the kicker at least one item has come from each individual order, THAT THEY CREATED, so no monies can be returned until the items reach the store on 3/17/11.

I called supervisors and was hung up on....

I called corporate, who kept transferring me back to Wall.com.

They don't care, they don't listen. their TOS is fraudulent at best.

They literally stole money from us and just about said "to bad".

They even admitted to their mistakes, and still refused to rectify the situation.

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I had ordered from there and never have had no problem and then I have to deal with the customers that call and they don't seem to relize that when you call a walmart store you don't get customer service you get the fitting room and we do not have no control over the Site to Store and we can't cancel any orders try calling 1-800-Walmart.


Was the original order charged to a credit card? If so, you could have called the Cr.

Card Co. and told them to deny the charges.


Hey KD I use it all the time especially for clearance items. Some go to sit to store and some is mailed.

I have bought oh so many things and have always been happy. I order online it's great and it will also tell you if that item is in stock before you order. It will also let you get all totals before you actually order so you can deny it or except it.

Site to store is the best way to go and it's done. KD don't let one issue discourage you cause you don't know if it's the truth or someone just mad at walmart and if they used the computer some how someone might have gotten their information or they didn't look to see how many they actually ordered so make sure you have the exact items in the box.


I order all the time and i've had no problems, but that don't mean I won't because you must first think that mistakes happen and you just need to deal with it and i'm sure they adventually fixed it so get over it. If you have never made a mistake throw the first stone and if you say you haven't your a liar. I know one thing about walmart for working there once upon a time they treat their employees like *** but not the citizens....


Very helpful review. You have prevented me from using WalMart's ship to store service which I was tempted to use today after being put on hold for extended periods of time by TWO Waltmart stores.

I had thought it would be easier to just order the item after not being able to find out if it was in stock. I think you have saved me a lot of grief.


whats the word im looking for... N00B >_ wal mart, blame your useless girl, then again she seems to have more balls than you so i know who wheres the pants in your relationship ;)


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Nope, another E-Mail item shipping. called corporate again, no luck. they have NO control over the .com portion of Walmart.


I hope you were able to finally get your money back along with the NSF fees from your bank