Randallstown, Maryland

I quit buying Deer Park bottled water because their caps became so tiny they were hard to remove and started buying Walmart brand bottled water about a year ago. Now the Walmart brand bottled water has just changed to a tiny cap and the bottle so thin it's hard to unscrew the cap without squeezing water out before the cap is removed!

I'm done with Walmart brand bottled water! Does Walmart save that much money by skimping on the quality of the bottle and the cap?

Come on Walmart, you disappoint me. Make a bottle that peolpe can use!

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I too am having problems with the caps on the Deer Park bottled water 16.9 size. Seems I struggle to get the cap off.

I must first cover the cap with a cloth so that my hands can get a grip on it. I almost always get wet in the process!



"it's hard to unscrew the cap without squeezing water out before the cap is removed" - Anonymous

the problem isnt the cap its the fact your squeezing the bottle to hard. maybe you dont like change and your brain is having a hard time handling it which makes you upset and squeeze the bottle harder?

just a guess i have no clue.

altho... when i first seen the smaller caps i was worried they wouldnt stay sealed, but they seem to be just as good as the larger caps


Whoopdy doo. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, and I can't open ANY of the bottles. Who cares?


Where have you been for the last two or three years, they all have small caps to reduce packaging as they say. All the bottles are like that and Ihatedumbcustomers is right it is about reducing waste and plastic not saving money. Get your facts straight before making an ar$e or yourself online.


you're a ***. it's not about saving money, it's about using less plastic.

a lot of companies are trying to cut back, like Deer Park and Poland Spring.

it looks like you're just too dumb to understand that and too dumb to take a cap off of a bottle of water. you probably drop a pickle jar every time you try to open one.


Dear I hate *** customers- you are an ***! did you ever try opening one of those bottles?

If you did you would not make that comment. Open one and then see how it actually hurts the palm of your hand to open it, that is IF you can open it at all, I agree these bottles are terrible, I will not buy deer park water unless they change to the old cap and yes the flip up sports cap hits your nose and can scratch your face , it is sharp, I agree


your mad over them making smaller caps to save on plastic which is good for the world?? i liter and smoke i dont care about the earth but im not going to get mad at other people for trying to help

you seem really ***