Newport News, Virginia

On may 29, Blueberry Yoplait light yogurt with nature valley granola had an expiration date of May 23rd when purchased. I was unaware of the expired product and did not expect this to happen since the Walmart was just constructed a month or so ago.

I ate the product unknowingly.. fortunately I did not become ill, but I press the issue. The Walmart employee needs to rotate and dispose of expired products before a food born illness occurs. This is the second incident from this Walmart within 2 months.

We contacted the manager just to let them know, didn't receive a sorry on the phone..just we can refund the product. What if I took a taxi?

Are you going to pay my taxi fair also, etc, Thank you!! Irritated..I just wanted a sorry not a refund.

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Empathic YES! Pissed NO.

I'd like to invite you to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. His tours of manufacturing companies AWESOME. Green Acres, Little House on the Praire, The Waltons and evendn the Colour Purple General stores made me think twice about pointing fingers.

Bear in mind, we represent a resilent voice you and I. We aim at the juglar.

My plight is the unreadible print, 15 plus characters of one ingredient, the merge of Arabic, French and Spanish languages. The melt-down system is live and well in America.


You do realize yogurt is made from fermented milk meaning that it already has essentially gone bad? Not only that but the "expiration date" is actually a sell by date and even the FDA has widely varying guidelines on what it means.

""Use-by" dates usually refer to best quality and are not safety dates.

Even if the date expires during home storage, a product should be safe, wholesome and of good quality if handled properly."

So getting this upset at Walmart is pretty moot.

Yoplait and the FDA are really the ones who you should be upset at.

From another source: "In fact, the whole labeling system is a total mess, argues a new report (pdf) from the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic. Date labels are often so inscrutable and differ so widely from state to state that they're essentially worthless as information."


You are so SPOT ON. I am not alone.

This is a liberating moment.


That is why you should always check the expiration dates. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

You were offered a refund after eating the expired product. What did you want, flowers? If it obviously wasn't that bad (I mean, come on, you ate it all), what is the big deal?

Some people have real problems in the world. I do not see this as one of them.


I am so sorry that you had a bad experience at walmart, I for one am the first to admit when I've made a mistake and have no probably apologizing for my mistakes, I work in retail and I make mistakes frequently and I am constantly apologizing to customers for my bads and I make a lot of mistakes lol.


Well if they're not going to be sincere about it, why would you want them to say sorry. I work in retail so I understand but i'm not going to say sorry to anyone if I don't mean it or don't care lol.


I agree Walmart should NEVER sell expired food. And not everybody checks the expiration date, that is actually the job of the employees that maintain that department.

The majority of people just grab and go, not everyone has time to scrutinize the dates on product. That is the JOB of the employees and they are PAID to do their JOB with competence.


I agree that it was wrong for Wal-Mart to be selling expired yogurt and such,but why would you buy something without checking the expiration date? thats foolish.


I would NEVER eat any dairy product past the used by date or past the expiration date. Walmart and all stores that sell packaged food are required to remove all foods that have reached the expiration and sell by date. I know for a fact that Walmart employees are told to check dates and ditch product that have expired dates, expired sell by dates and expired use by dates.

@word from the wise


WRONG!!! It is not the fault of the employee people. Read this very closely.

Walmart...........Jolly Green Giant. Walmart.......Robin Hood............Walmart.....The Matrix.....Walmart.


As a whole the date on food products usually means best if used by, not that it isn't edible. My adult daughter is currently eating a Yoplait yogurt that was dated May 1, and I know she isn't going to get sick from it. Actually I bet if you did take a taxi, the fare wouldn't have been as much as upkeep on your own car, and the price of gas.