I work for contract, which means I have to beg for my check every time I'm supposed to get it which can take a week or more sometimes. Long story short, I rolled pennies and tried buy an item as amazingly expensive as sugar and they refused to accept it.

The clerks acted like I was some sort of criminal and held the line up while they got into a group and consulted about me paying for sugar with pennies. Discrimination was part of the issue, as 90% of the workers at this particular walmart are of a different ethnicity than myself. I think this excuse to refuse my patronage has given them what they want. I will make sure I go where people look like me so I can be treated like a human being.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1261114

You really shouldered the entire statue. The law does NOT require private business, person, or entities to accept US currency .

They can refuse to accept the pennies as payment. If you think I am wrong, I suggest you try and pay your income tax in pennies and watch what happens.


Er they don't have to accept rolled coins. Like others have pointed out on here, there is too much chance for fraud. Go to the bank or Coinstar if you have that many coins just lying around that you would like to use.

to blackdontcrack #1230252


Federal Law requires all businesses within the United States to accept US Currency. US Coins are a BIG part of US Currency.

Walmart should be sued for violating US Federal Law Currency Laws.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1218169

I was going to side with you until you mentioned discrimination. Most of the time when someone claims discrimination or racism the person themselves is racist by assuming that the people are treating the differently is because they are racist.

Grow up and stop playing the discrimination card.

This has more to do with the cashier having an attitude and powers struggle than your race. You made yourself look foolish by playing the discrimination card.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1218166

Walmart 4080 W Northern Ave, Pueblo, CO 81005 9/25/2016 12:30 pm I had a fun experience my wife is a school teacher her class saved up $66 dollars (half in rolled change) for water for people a charity to help people get clean water I travel to the local Walmart to get a money order because my bank is over 1 hour away. Walmart refused to take the rolled change the manager said because it was not rolled by a machine she did not have to except it.

I was confused by this she even had a scale to weight it. This was legal tended rolled for easy counting the store was not even busy.

I even told her how it was for a good cause she just said go to bank. Yes I went to bank and came back and stood in line again was never asked to skip to front because I was just there anyway thanks for the bad experience.


S/he is doing their job. Following store policy.

There are too many problems with people bringing in a bunch of coins to pay with. Disputes on the count, unnecessary delay at the register (making everyone else wait), the cost in labor time and potential lost business from the other angry customers.

If I we're a business owner, I'd tell that person with the coins to take their business elsewhere and disrupt that store. I have a lot of other customers to be concerned with who don't want to be held hostage by some rude ***.

Oceanside, California, United States #1055898

Next time, go to a bank. NO merchant is legally obligated to have to take your bag of coins as payment.

You're the one being the ***.

Go to self checkout and feed them into the register there. You can be the one standing there for 20 minutes feeding on the coins because the machines won't let you just dump them in.


Rolls of coins are not accepted because there was too much fraud. Slugs and such were to often found in the rolls.

In a busy store, you hold up the other customers trying to check out because counting all those coins takes time. That's just rude. The potential for errors is also much greater. NO merchant is legally obligated to accept all those coins to pay for a purchase.

You can take a merchant to court for not accepting your coins to pay for goods and you would lose. YOU ARE RUDE by expecting everyone else to wait while your coins are counted.

Take them to a bank or a Coinstar to convert them into something more reasonable to conduct purchases with.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #900005

I brought in $5 in rolled dimes, to help pay for a few items and was basically told the same thing. No rolled changed.

I asked for the manager, who told me the same. Because I really needed at least one of the items (diapers), I pleaded my case and practically begged the manager to accept the rolled coin. Nope. No doing.

Sorry. Well...

thinking fast, I realized he didn't say anything about unrolled coin, so I broke open the roll and watched while the cashier (who had been kind of rude about the whole thing to begin with), and the manager wasted time in counting the coin I had. Made me feel slightly better.

to EffWalmart14 Orange, California, United States #900055

With your behavior and childish attitude and the fact that you mistake being told "no" as rude I wonder if those diapers were for you?

to KevinRichards #900229

Why are you still here, *** troll?

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #900235

Not trolling just stating the truth about some of these silly complaints. Besides child, if I were trolling feeding only encourages me.

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #841730

You should do what they did on Married with Children, this lady had a whole cart full of jars of pennies and paid for her items with that.

to First Born Triplet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada #900053

I remember that episode, apparently every time her husband made love they put a penny in the jar. Then she went to the grocery story and tried to pay her groceries with pennies. Then in another scene this old couple comes with five carts and five buggies of pennies and they tell the same story about putting a penny in the jar every time they made love.(these jars were the size of those water despencers

to First Born Triplet Oceanside, California, United States #1055896

Understand that NO merchant is legally obligated to take that many coins for payment for goods. They do have the right to refuse for good reason.

Labor cost (dedicated person having to count it all out), potential for errors, upsetting other customers made to wait for this nonsense, and the list goes on. I had a customer dump his coins on my counter and some feel into cracks. Then he got mad complaining I didn't accurately count his coins and demanded that the ones that fell into cracks be retrieved. Then the dispute of how many coins went into cracks and how much he actually had.

He wanted the counter torn apart to get the coins he caused to fall into cracks in the first place. All my other customers had to pick up the items they wanted to buy, go to another registers, and wait all over again.

It was a fiasco and totally unnecessary. So who was the real ***?


The Walmart by me wouldn't accept my change. I had less than $8 all in bigger amount coins and I was told to go to a f***ing coinstar.

I had the coins in a money roll and I told them ok, I would count the change myself and was told that they won't take any of my change and to stop being lazy and go to the coinstar. Never shopping at Walmart again.


Walmart does not accept rolled coins bc "they can't guarantee the right amount of change is rolled", coming directly from my manager at wal-mart. For instance, pennies come rolled in 50 cents, if we accepted the roll of coins, how do we know we're receiving the correct amount of change without breaking the roll and counting?

to Anonymous #841626

You do your job break the roll and count it.You can count that high, can't you?

First Born Triplet
to me Markham, Ontario, Canada #841733

True, but I bet if someone was breaking the roll and counting the change and you were behind them you would be the first to complain about it taking so long and saying they should not accept rolled pennies. No point in counting them.

Just estimate.

walmart is not going to go broke because of being shorted a few coins. Besides no need to be sarcastic and rude.

to First Born Triplet Orange, California, United States #900057

Even though you are a big retard, I agree with you on this one. By bring rolls of pennies this and and the child that needed diapers for themselves do not realize that they are holding up the line, as a matter of fact the child that needed diapers for himself posting around November 13, November 14 is proud of the fact that they held up a line so he could go to the washroom and change his diaper.

I feel sorry for all the customers who had to spell his poopy diaper.

This is directed to EffWalmart14. Wonder if mommy knows that her seven month old is using such bad language at his age.

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