Columbia, Missouri
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I had a bad experience in Wal-Mart in Missouri.

I spoke to a manager on the phone and asked if they had a Wii U Deluxe Set, black in stock, I had also notified her that the website said it was in stock at their location. She had told me she had two (2) in stock in the back and to tell the Electronics department to get it out for me for purchase once I got there. I said, "Awesome, thanks! See you in about 30 minutes".

After a 45 minute drive to that store, I proceeded to the electronics department and asked the employee that I had spoke to a manager about it and that I only needed to ask for the product to purchase. She blatantly said, "Sorry I can't sell that to you. That item it for the Saturday Tab". What is a Saturday Tab? I'm not an employee. I was puzzled and continued to tell her I had spoke to a manager once again. She rudely replied, "I'm sorry, I just follow the rules Sir".

Angered, I called the store back while I was in the store to speak to a manager. The manager on duty, had told me "oh yes, we can't sell that until Saturday" Even though it is in stock and you'll be guaranteed a sale for the company, they refused to sell the product to me. I told her, "you could have told me that before I traveled 45 minutes". All she said was , "yeah, I'm sorry about that, if I had known that, I would have told you other wise".

I've worked retail for 10 years in my life, and if there's one thing that is most important, its COMMUNICATION! You need to know all the facts before sending a customer in 45 minutes to purchase a product to later tell them, no you can't buy it.

So now, I've used up 45 minute there and 45 minutes back, a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes, as well as 2 gallons of gas WASTED.

I am a very UNHAPPY customer and if this is not corrected, I will share this unhappy customers story to as many people as I can with out end.

Those types of items, whether they're in stock or not, should be sold, on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIST. I took the time to purchase a product, I knew for a FACT was in stock, I was told they would sell it to me, and was denied service. That's breaking rule #1 in retail customer service.

I expect something to be done about this matter, and quickly.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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OMG, you are so important, aren't you? If it's for a sale for that Saturday, they probably couldn't sell it to you early.

Those who have worked in retail should never hassle those who work in retail. And how do you expect them to make it right?

By complaining on a consumer sight? You could always have went in on that Saturday to buy it, like the rest of the rule-abiding customers.