Just lost a customer if I have to start wearing a mask, on July 20, 2020. No thank you! I will shop where I can with out one.

Location: Painesville, Ohio

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I bet they would be the first one to put that oxygen mask on on a plane. Or God forbid if there was a hazmat incident they would be first to put that gas mask on.


That's good. The fewer people in Walmart the better.

And hopefully you are a first of the month shopper. I hate first of the month shoppers. Please ban first of the month people and overweight people from Walmart. That way people who actually have money and dont mind wearing a mask can get our shopping over with quickly.

Why are there so many fat people in walmart? It seems like I always get stuck in aisles where fat stinky people are socializing. It is torture for polite people like me who move quickly and get out of others way so they can shop. I like to get what I need quickly, pay for it and then leave quickly.

Please dont get in my way, I am not there to socialize. Everyone should be like me, I get things done and I make sure I dont take up more than my fair share of time in an aisle.

And during this pandemic, I do not touch an item unless I plan to buy it. I hate it when I see a first of the month shopper touch items that they probably cant afford to buy.


You're not a very good judge of yourself if you think you are a polite person lol


I am a polite person. That is why I wear a mask and dont take up too much room or too much time in an aisle.

I go in a store to shop, not socialize and others should do the same as long as this virus is a threat. And like I said I don't touch items unless I intend to buy them.

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