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I wanted the grand theft auto game. But you have to be 17 to get it, so I got my 17 year old to buy it for me with my money when we were shopping in the store with him.

I told him that my mom did not like me playing that game, so he told me that if I open it that they won't let me return it. Then my mom found out and I gave her the receipt because I thought it was already opened so they wont let her return it.

The person said she could not return it but maybe in this situation the manager may make an exception. My mother told the manager what happened and that she wanted a game more suitable for someone my age and he said he would make an exception this time but not next time so now I don't have the game and had to pick another game and they broke their own policy and the law.

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Titusville, Florida, United States #801778

If you mean they broke the law by returning an opened piece of software that is not illegal. Stores do not allow returns like this normally because of the high likelyhood someone just took it home, copied it and want to return it.

But the store taking it back is not illegal it's just good business sense.

If you mean they broke the law by selling you an M rated game they sold it to someone who is 17. You and the purchaser are the ones who mis-represented yourselves so you are the ones breaking the law.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #801798

I think they meant that the store broke the law by allowing the game to be returned after it was opened. The store did not break the law by selling the game to the cousin who was old enough to buy it.

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #801761

What difference does it make, if the manager did not take back the game you would have lost your money because your mother probably would have taken the game away from you anyway.


How about doing some SAT prep so you can go to college and stop playing games

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