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On August 15,2014 , we went to the Walmart located in Milford Penna to purchase a glider located in the baby center. There has and was a reduced price sign showing the identical glider with a different color padding for a reduced price from $ 119.00 to $ 100.00. After picking up the item and installed it to the basket, we continued to shop for other items and then proceeded to checkout. When at check out, we inputted the item number and the price showed up at $ 129.00 not the sale price. We questioned the clerk and she in turn counted a worker from the area, in which she came back approximately 10 minutes with the comment, it is not the same item number and the price is 129.00. I asked the worker, well where is the one that is on sale. she stated she did not see any on the display at which time we requested her manager to come to resolve the issue. Then a second higher level manager showed up, at which time we walked back to the display and he looked at the item looked at the picture, commented it looked the same but it is not the same manufacture.... I requested if they had any of the items at the store. He stated he does not know but he will contact the manager of the store at which he did, but after waiting for him for 20 minutes without no response we left the item in the store and left perturbed

Do you consider this good service and practice. I consider it a bait and switch tactic which has been utilized for years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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This was not a bait and switch. You even admit that the sign was for a different glider thanks you tried to purchase. It stinks they didn't have the less expensive ones, but they probably ran out due to a lot of people not wanting to pay full price.


This is not bait and switch. The sign was for a different one, you even admit that. It stinks they did not have any of the less expensive ones but at that price they probably went fast.


If you knew your colors and how to read you would not have taken the wrong item. It is not their fault that you cannot read or were not taught your colors.

This is not bait and switch, this is simply they ran out of the product. Obviously you do not love your child if you did not spend the extra $29 for the glider, obviously money is more important than your child.

to Anonymous #859017

I think who ever commented on the post is and ignorant *** and is unhappy in their life so when someone has a rant or vent you have to cut them down to make your dumb a@* feel better about yourself! You obviously can't read she prob would have paid full price for it but simply wanted to know if they had the least expensive one but since no one bothered to get back with her she left with out either. How is that someone not loving thier child that my friend shows how *** u are and clearly wasn't raised right!

to sidney #859217

You are doing the same thing, so guess you are a hypocrite, and you yourself were not raised right. She did not want to pay full price for it.

It is obviously you who cannot read that she left the store without the item. She is obviously impatient because she thinks the world revolves around her because she has a child. Had she been patient they would have gotten back at her. I bet the manager was stopped a few times on the way.

But she thinks he should ignore all the other customers because she has a child.

Where is the father in all of this? You were not raised right yourself calling people names online, and your being a hypocrite.

to sidney #859224

Thank you Sidney for defending me, right now I am under a lot of stress and don't need people accusing me of not loving my child. I had my baby taken away from me by CPS and I am hoping if I can show am a fit parent they will return my child.

This means buying things for the baby to show that I care about the baby. But as much as I like you defending me you also cannot read because I never said I was willing to pay full price for the glider chair. Where did you read this? Don't make up things that are not in the review?

I got tired of waiting so I went into Subway after five minutes with my new boyfriend(not the father). I called the manager who was supposed to help me today and he told me that he could not find me when he returned. He said he returned ten minutes later and could not find me. Had he really wanted my business he would have paged me back to the baby department, and or searched for me.

I was waiting at Subway hoping he would page me because he was taking more than five minutes and he never did, after 20 minutes I left. The problem is this is bate and switch as I stated and though you are defending me apparently you too are a dumb a$$ who cannot read. They should have honored the price, or at least paged me. The manager said that he had the $100 sale item and brought it out for me and I can pick up the glider today.

I asked for a gift card and gas money and he refused so either way I have to still pay more than $100. Please don't embarrass me. It is quite embarrassing that you defend me but cannot read yourself. It makes it look like I got a friend to defend me because of hurt feelings.

If you are going to defend me please don't make false accusations about me. There was no way I was going to buy the glider at full price when I was mislead by bate and switch. Also both of you accuse me of not loving my child I do love my child. I would do anything to get my child back.

I have done everything they asked, except not to live with my current boyfriend because he has a background of violent behavior when they did a police reference on him. I asked him all about it and it was a misunderstanding. I want my child back but not if they are going to judge my boyfriend.

I am showing them that I am ready to get my child back by buying baby furniture but they want me to move out from my boyfriend because he has a history of violent behavior. His last three girlfriends broke up with him and in anger accused him of physical and sexual abuse.

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