Tewksbury, Massachusetts

They could help me wat so ever not even the # of the online service or exchange my item it was only one day late from the warranty and the reasoning being cause it was a my daughters birthday present and dint open it till the day of her birthday a brand new tablet that came defective could exchange it cause I order it online wtf...never again I will buy anything from them.....I though it was a 60day warranty on electronics all of a sudden its 15 days and it dont even say that when purchasing the item ...

Monetary Loss: $97.

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Your tablet situation sounds most frustrating, but you are reinforcing the stereotype of Wal-Mart customers with your terrible grammer and your misspelling.


The return policy for all items is posted at the service desk. It is a huge sign that can be read from a distance and hangs from the ceiling.

Different items have different return policies. Some are 30 days some are 60 some are 15 and some items can't be returned at all after being opened, such as breast pumps and air mattresses.

Items like alcohol and tobacco can only be returned to the same store they were purchased at only with a receipt and only on the same day of purchase. No I don't work there, I just read the return policy sign.