Now I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I'll write a check and the money won't be in the bank until the next day.The problem is once I wrote a check to Walmart and the money didn't arrive in the bank on time for walmart to get their money.

I do have 400 overdraft protection, so the check was probably cashed anyway. If it wasn't, the next time it was put though it was cashed and I paid the 32 dollar bounce fee. The problem I have is not only are you penalized by the bank, walmart has to report you to telecheck. And even though they got their money, you're supposed to suck telecheck's *** in order to write a check there again.

I don't know what they charge but I think it's like 35.00 per check. and they won't tell you at the register before you cash the check, they have to wait until you have a full cart full of stuff to tell you that the check won't go through so that all the people behind you see you walking away with your cart full of stuff still sitting there and the cashier having to put it all back. Not only is this humiliating enough, you have to call your bank to find out that the check was cashed and paid. All you have while you sit there with your mouth open is a slip of paper given to you by the cashier to call telecheck.

I just called them. The paper says open 24 hours a day. It's 10:30 and they are closed. There's your sign right there.

They're a bunch of money grubbing liars who latched onto Walmart and other stores so they can charge you more than your own bank does for a bounced check. The thing that really *** me off is that your bill with Walmart is squared away. Your bounce fee with the bank is taken care of. Everything is fine except for TELECHECK!!!!

Once you get a hold of them I'm sure they will tell you that you have to send them a money order or certified check in order for them to clear your name and checking account. How did we get this far America! I can understand trying to stop someone from writing checks from your account if they steal your purse, but all you have to do is call the bank and close the account. Same thing with your debit or credit card.

Just call the bank and close the account. It's harder to fix your own checking account than to be ripped off by a perfect stranger. And body are they raking in the money. They get more money for a bounced check than the bank gets.

More than the store gets. I tell you what I'm really sick of Telecheck. I think I'm going to boycott places that use telecheck in the future. It's just too much of a hassle.

Ok so I bounced a check. I'll pay for it out of my account. I'll also pay the bounce fee. That's enough.

I don't need for this incident to go any further. We've become so obsessed with our credit scores that we can't even write a check at the local grocery store without it affecting our credit score. Wake up people. It's really not that important.

It's not gonna effect whether or not you get that new Dodge Ram or not.It's just making people at Telecheck richer and putting the rest of us through ***.

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South Bend, Indiana, United States #1327411

I have been denied to exchange a merchandise. For some reason in 2009, I tried to exchange two the night I tried to exchange 2012 did not it been most 15 years they do not need to exchange only if I don't have to receive.

This bad check or whatever they have on file I don't recall even having anything why is that if I had a bad check you cannot open a bank account I've been having a bank account forever!

Can somebody explain to me why I can I change. Without any receipt,

I had see people returning stuff exchanging they let it change Why can I exchange what I bought it from there it happened that I cannot find the receipt ,.

I spend $100 of dollar every weekend they can take my money but they cannot change the



Telecheck only looks at whether other merchants have reported you for bad checks in the past; they also "analyze" you as a possible risk and only the top management in a "need to know basis" knows their "formulas" for pegging someone as a You will not find these formulas on the Internet as they are top secret.But I can tell you from past experience: Tele-check, and companies like them, will stop a check from being accepted at the register for such activities/behaviors as: writing more than the "normal" amount of checks that you do--like if you normally spend 500.00 with 4 checks you write at Walmart in a month and this month you wrote 15 checks totaling 1700.00, then their system will probably peg you; also note that holiday seasons equal a high alert to "strange check writing behavior"; not buying food items at a store that sells food, like Walmart, but instead buying only high priced items at the register that a forger/check thief might be likely to purchase with a bad check and then hock or sell; writing checks, especially for large amounts, at two or three different Walmarts all over town within several hours; writing lots of "large dollar amounts" of checks within several days or even hours, writing thousands of dollars worth of checks for stuff within a short time frame when your credit score is in the lower 500s, etc.

All of these types of behaviors, although they may be legitimate in your case, can signal RISK to TeleCheck, and they my simply stop you at any register from writing any more checks till you call them and verify who you are, that you are indeed writing these checks--give them a legitimate reason, and that you need to continue writing checks for x, y, z legitimate reasons. It will be embarrassing at the register in the store, and it's a huge hassle dealing with the wait times while on the phone with Telecheck, but they can "undo" what they did if you are legit and patient. They may, however, stop your check writing priviledges for a few days. Depends on how they view you as a risk.

The cashiers at major stores cannot make these decisions to take or not take our checks any more, not like they did in the old days, nor can a manager do anything to help you other than direct you to call Telecheck with instructions. Even the folks you talk to at Telecheck can do very little other than allow you to go back into the store, find your buggie of stuff and go back through the line with the same check and try it again--hopefully they (Telecheck) will have released the hold on your check by that time--yes, HUGE hassle and very embarrassing. Some people just give up and never wantto go back and shop t that store again---i understand. I'd like to address whether or not Telecheck can check your bank account and can "see" your bank balance, which is fluid ad can change by the hour---no, Telecheck cannot check your bank account balance without your verbal or written permission, and yet they may ask you to allow them to do just that before they release a hold on a specific check (that was declined at the register in sone store).

Then they will get ack to you after a long time on hold and either deny or approve that particular check you were just tryingto pass.

NOTE: My answer is based on experience onlinalterable 30 years of writing checks and having to occasionally deal with TeleCheck. I do write a lot of checks due to the nature of my business and some months my check writing/dollar amounts are larger than other months.

IMHO, I think Tele-check just wants you to fit into their cookie cutter 'formula" of an average human in a store, and if your profile and spending/shopping habits differ from the norm, look out.This is assuming you are NOT engaged in criminal activity.

Cicero, Indiana, United States #1241475

First I have been in this position and I first hand have called telecheck and no I have no bounced checks out in fact I didn't write checks period.I only used my debit card so I had no file at telecheck I received a formal letter where it was investigated.

Their reply to me was that I didn't write enough checks to build up a check writing file. Please don't judge others sometimes things aren't what they seem.

People are always ready to believe the worse.God bless.

Sussex, New Jersey, United States #968267

Walmart sucks at cashing checks.The whole service is useless.

I've tried to cash payroll checks (3 times) and a personal check on separate occasions and each time I was denied.I called the telecheck service that is printed on the receipt to obtain more information (as stated on the receipt) only to be told EVERY time "we don't have access to the information telling us why you were denied, we can't help you with that."

to Anonymous #1327914

get direct deposit.


You used to be able to get away with floating checks but with electronic system it's almost impossible anymore.

Writing a bad check, especially when you know you don't have the money, is illegal and you know it.


Telecheck has nothing to do with Credit scoring, the decision is based on your funds available in you account on spot and your writing checks history and a risk assessment depending on where are you buying and for how much, but once again it's got nothing to do with your credit scoring and does not affect it !


Oh and if telecheck refused your check Walmart didn't get any money.Don't lie.

You clearly do not understand banking rules and regulations.

Telecheck only verifies that the funds are in your account.They don't actually use your credit score to cash your check.

to Anonymous #1132535

Dear "Anonymous",

You are incorrect.Telecheck does not verify your bank balance.

It's foolish to suggest they would have access to your banking information, as a third party. And, as you said, they do not utilize credit information. Telecheck is used by a network of merchants, who report bad checks to them (and not the "payoff" of those checks). So, for instance, if you have a bad check with Safeway (or any store using Telecheck), you will pop up as a big "No" on WalMart's Telecheck warning system.

The only way to get off their list, is to deal with Telecheck directly. Having done this myself close to 20-years ago, I can verify two things: 1) Yes, it's a major pain in the a$$ having to deal with them; 2) YES!!! Getting your check writing privileges back is well worth it!

Do it!You won't have to drag around this burden of anger and feeling like a second class citizen anymore!


Your an ***.Telecheck verifies that the money is in the account before the check is cashed.

They aren't worried about credit score or making money. Stores like Walmart pay them to use there service with the guarantee of no bad checks cashed. Telecheck is on the line for any check they accept that doesn't go through. The reason your check was not accepted is because you did not have the money, and you have wrote numerous bad checks in the past.

They have a profile on you that now says you write fraudulent checks. (Did you realize that? Writing a check knowing the money isn't there is fraud! You can and will go to jail for it when you *** of the wrong small claims collector.) This all together makes it so telecheck will not allow you and your account to cash checks.

Sorry you got embarrassed practice personal finance and it won't happen.I'm surprised your bank let's you have overdraft if you frequently abuse it.

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