Miami, Florida

Wow. Ever since they sold to a foreign manufacturer their tvs have been awful.

I recently purchased a LCD and LED tv from Walmart.

Within six months both tvs are giving me trouble and Westinghouse's is that I should pay the shipping to send it back to them, so they can fix it. I explained that I although they did not ship it to me that I already paid for the shipping for it to be delivered and that I should not have to pay to have it shipped back, and that two tv's should not break in such a short time, and that it just goes to show that their product is horrible and you for the most part get what you pay for.

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The computer unfortunately added Walmart to the complaint. My issue is with Westinghouse.

I do not feel I should have to pay approx. $30 to ship a 32 inch LCD back after only six months of use.


Yes you will have to pay for shipping, but the service is free since it's under warranty. I'm not sure why you involved Wal-Mart in your complaint because they didn't make the TV and no store will give you a 6 month warranty for free.