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Who the h e l l must do their shopping on Easter Sunday? Were you too lazy to do it the day before?

There is no sorry excuse for you if you have to go to Wal-Mart on Easter Sunday, except that you are an awful person and a poor planner. Because of you, store associates have to take time away from their families because of your incompetence.

So if you are going to Wal-Mart, don't ask the associate it's a shame they have to work on Easter - it's because of YOU they have to work on Easter. Retailers should not have to be open on Easter Sunday nor on Thanksgiving.

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Not everyone in this country is a Christian, a$$wipe. So the whole country should shut down because a group of people believe a man rose from the dead?

I'm a nurse. Maybe I'll stop taking care of the sick because it's taking time away from my family on Easter, and it's irresponsible of the sick to ask me to care for them on Easter.

How dare they. Haha, you people are such ***


ex cultie, what you don't go to church well you are going to He11 then. As for the complaint should it not be the choice of the employee of whether to work or not on Holidays.


You sir must be part of the cult of Mormons in UT. WHAT?

You expect everyone to go to and do dumb 'church' stuff on Easter.

How totally BORING!!! Time to get back to the real world!


I kind of agree with BigBruce but at the same time, it's mostly the fault of the *** at corporate who probably give themselves off on holidays.



Closing the store for one or two days of the year is not going to make millions of workers go out of business genius.

The only people who would want to shop during family holidays are those losers who don't have any family or friends because they don't know how to behave themselves in public.


This is all about money. The corporate suits don't give a *** about making people work on holidays if it means they're going to make more money.

The suits are too far removed from the life of the common employee to feel any sort of concern for them. The employees are merely assets and a means to an end, which in this case is profit.


"Get a real job." Luckily your wife is pretty cheap so I don't have to.

The fact is that people DON'T have a choice to work on that day. Don't you think most people would want that day off?

It's a day to spend with family. Easter is not just a Catholic or Christian holiday anymore.

Instead, *** at Wal-Mart Home Office decided to cater to i d i o t s who decided to do their Easter shopping on the DAY of Easter.

And Wal-Mart closing on Christmas day didn't seem to put millions of "innocent" people out of work. Wal-Mart used to close on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but *** people have decided that they are more important than the holiday and stores decided to cater to i d i o t s rather than respect the holiday.


Wow dude, are you on your period or something. The people work on Easter Sunday because it's their choice, they do it to make money because they need it.

and for your information if the consumers don't shop the store doesn't make money and has to fire it's employees and then millions of people get out a job.

So you're pretty much saying that you would rather have millions of innocent people out of work just so they don't work one day, which is a day that means nearly nothing to those who aren't Catholic. Put you on hush mode.


Well blame the lady who threw a temper tantrum because Walmart was not open on Thanksgiving. However I don't think they can force you to work legally on holidays though so what they are doing is wrong.