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When someone arranges a return and replacement that is what should happen. My return got stuck in processing and cancelled the order. Instead I am told I would receive a refund to my bank account within 7 days. If I wanted a refund I would have chosen that option when I arranged the return. It took you 6 days to get all that done, plus up to 7 days waiting for the refund plus at least 4 more days while I order it from At least 17 days without a microwave.

Tomorrow will be day 7 waiting for my refund and yet another customer service rep is telling me on Facebook to give it a couple more days. The same old song and dance I got when trying to get my replacement microwave to ship. Making a customer pay for issues on your end is no way to keep a customer. I still don't have a microwave, one that I ordered so I could use it as a tool on Thanksgiving.

I was told by a customer service rep on the phone that it's the policy of to issue a refund when they have to cancel an order. You cancelled an order that was put there by a customer service rep to replace a defective item. I can't imagine it would have been too difficult to re-order the item like you did before. Well I have policies too - one is not to let some business screw me over

I have had issues with your customer service before over returns you claimed not to have received but were sitting in your return warehouse all along. After more than a month of harassment and a threat to take the money out of my account. I called the freight company YOU sent to pickup the items. They informed me that both returns were delivered and they supplied me with both tracking numbers. I was then able to send the tracking numbers for both to you. A customer should not have to do that. This recent issue is the last straw and looking at your Facebook page one can clearly see that I am not alone in all this. You chose the wrong time of year to lose a customer

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. 3wdesigngroup stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service sounds like robots and cancelled an order that was a replacement for a defective item. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor cs, order processing issue, policy issues, refund issues - need more?" of walmart replacement and associated monetary loss in the amount of $90. Walmart needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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