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I make it a point to shop as little as possible so my visits to WalMart are about once a month. I have always had my oil changed in their automotive department merely for the convenience. I could drop off my car and take my time getting everything I needed in the store and most of the time the vehicle was ready long before I had finished my shopping. My store purchases usually ranged from $300-$500 and this time was no different. Out of respect for other shoppers, I would pay for my vehicle then take my other items to a checkout at the front of the store.

My truck was due for an oil change so I dropped it off in automotive, got my paperwork and proceeded to do my shopping. About an hour later I heard my name being called over the paging system and returned to automotive with 2 carts of merchandise. I waited in line and when it was my turn, I was told that they could NOT do the oil change because I had a broken tail light. OK, I'm not a mechanic but what the heck does my tail light have to do with my crankcase?

I tried to explain to the woman behind the counter who obviously had the IQ of a doughnut hole that it was an oil change and my tail light had nothing to do with it. It became apparent to me that one or both of her parents were parrots because she kept repeating the same thing, "you have a broken tail light". When I asked her what that had to do with an oil change, she literally threw my keys and paperwork at me, waved her hands as if to shoo me away and hollered "next" to the customer in line behind me.

Concluding that entering into an altercation with a complete imbecile would be a waste of my time, not to mention my disgust with her treatment of me at this point, I gently pushed my carts to the side, gathered the paperwork which she had just thrown at me, and started to leave. As I did, she hollered that I could not leave those carts there to which I politely responded "Yes I can, I have a broken tail light" and walked away.

I realize that this was cutting off my own nose to spite my face but I was damned if I was going to have this woman treat me like this and still give this store my business. I got into my truck (with the broken tail light), went to Food Lion and gave them $489.00 worth of business that night.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I wouldn't trust my vechicle to a shop that pays min wage abd part-time wages, to repair my vehile, or do something as simple as an oil change.

The chasier is only doing what she was told by the shop. It's not really her fault.

Did they mention the recommneded maint on the muffler bearings also!


The problem is: there are too many peoples out there that would pretend nothing had been wrong before Walmart touched the vehicle and swear up and down that they must have broken it. It's one of those cases where a few dishonest people have ruined it for everyone else.


Amen brother. Its time more customers take that approach and its time walmart put those cracked out methed out *** w h o r e s they seem to enjoy employing in the unemployment line.

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