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I received an email notification from on the 23rd saying my items were shipped. It's now the 26th and I have received NONE of my order.

I even received an email notification today stating that one of the items in my order was actually delivered (it was not). After contacting Customer Care, the only explanation received in the late shipment was that the carrier had unexpected "inconveniences" on the way. As for the item that was reported delivered, I was reassured the item was in transit and would arrive along with the rest of the order. As of now, my order *should* be delivered by the 28th...NOT 2-day shipping.

Personally, I fully appreciate the free delivery and would probably still continue to use online ordering if 1) they would NOT use false advertising and promise a 2-day delivery service that they cannot fulfill, and 2) the tracking information and notifications were accurate.

I explained to the customer care rep that when Walmart sends an inaccurate notification and tracking showing that a package has been delivered, they are then wrongfully diverting responsibility to the carrier, OR the customer might even think the package was stolen. It doesn't do your customers any good promising "free 2-day shipping" for the sake of competing with Amazon Prime when you can't actually provide 2-day shipping - from the looks of all these recent complaints, this is a very common issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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The 23rd is a Saturday. When it says shipped, it means they've packed it up, and sent the information to UPS or FedEx.

However those places do not pick up shipments on the weekend. Any time you order something on the weekend, it is 2 days from the next business day.


Amazon prime isn't perfect either. I've had more than one late shipment. Several that have left their warehouse but never got to the shipper and were eventually refunded.


Actually shopping in a Walmart is bad enough given the rude, unkempt, uncaring and just plain clueless employees encountered but then you really think will be any different? Best to shop online at any of the tens of thousands of websites out there rather than at anything connected to Walmart.


Perhaps the employees are simply reacting to and reflecting back the way they are treated by the general public.