Monroe, Louisiana
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.i was at magnolia AR. erma willis would help me.all she wanted to do is make dates with men.what is walmart a dating services.I complained.she walks around talking and not working.i whacth her make 10 dates in 2 hours do we really a *** working at walmart.

I ask. i heard erma willis was doing the same thing at the walmart in springhill,LA now she goine to the walmart in fordyce,AR it looks to me shes really moving up .should we have to look everytime we go to what you goint to do.

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i know what she doin. im her boyfriend


Don't you have anything more important to do with your time than worry about what Walmart employees are doing? You really have to get a life, instead of sounding like a "busy Body." When you see an employee talking to somebody, you have no idea what they are talking about, unless you get in their space, and that would be rude and impolite.