Is it just me or are the Wal*Mart patrons the most inconsiderate people in the entire world? Granted, we are paying cheap prices there, but gosh people, have some manners.

It's almost worth the extra money to go to Tom Thumb or Kroger and deal with people who have common courtesy towards one another. I'm just sayin'! 1. Don't block the extra wide aisle with your cart & the other people who are shopping with you!

Keep moving! 2. Don't stop in the middle of an aisle to dial a phone #, pull over to the side if you can't wait until later! 3.

Don't walk 4 across so no one can "get through you and your gang". 4. Have a plan - just wandering around aimlessly without any concern for the people around you is not only ***, it's dangerous. Lastly, I really don't care to hear all about your new job, last night's party or whatever, so be discreet.

Sheeze. And pay attention that there are people trying to do their shopping as well, you are NOT the center of the universe.

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Where I am from, it is the Hispanics. All I hear is Spanish, it is like I live in Mexico!

Hicksville, New York, United States #57765

Yea its usually all the *** blacks who do that *** all the time. Learn how to act in public!

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