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My daughter and I were shopping and my daughter wanted to look at the toys, she wanted to look at the Shopkins to be exact. I told her to stay in that area and not to move until I get her. Anyways she knows that i do not have enough money to buy the items as Christmas is coming and I am getting gifts. I was going to get her the Shopkins and say it is from Santa and that is another reason that I did not buy them for her that day. My daughter is eight years old and still believes in Santa. Well my daughter I don't know why but she was tempted to steal the Shopkins put them in her backpack. I had just picked her up after school and took her shopping for groceries. Unfortunately she was cot by your plains clothes security and they took her to the office along with me. I know that she did wrong, and she is grounded for it. I confisciated her other Shopkins for a week. I am not happy about how the security handled this. Keep in mid that this is an eight year old girl who was frightened by an average sized male. It is my job as a parent to punish her. Now she is not allowed to shop without an adult present(like I would have allowed her to enter the store alone in the first place.) She is to stay within my sight. But I would like to know a few things?

1. Will they report to my daughter's school about her shoplifting.

2. Will she be charged by juvenile court.

3. Can they send her to a juvenile facility later on if they want to press charged?

4. Can they press any charges now? They let her off with a warning and she sure won't do it again, but can they still change their mind and charge her, and if they do will she have to go to a juvenile facility?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Facility.

Reason of review: treatment of my 8 year old daughter.

Monetary Loss: $57.

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Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, United States #1069356

1. Doubt it

2 Yes but Very unlikely

3 Yes but Very unlikely

4 IMO They won't bother or they would have done it at the time.

Since you scolded her, I believe the store took that into account with their warning. But, like "fool me once, shame on your, ..." the store wouldn't want a repeat theft so they imposed their conditions. They could have baned her entirely.

Since she stole, the message of why it is wrong wasn't instilled strong enough at home. But U R better than some parents who would yell at the kid for being caught.

to CliffOnTheRoad #1074183

What is wrong with yelling at the kid for stealing? They need to learn their lesson.

It is because of people being soft on their children they think they can get away with the child. Do whatever it takes to discipline your child.

I bet you are also one of those anti spanking people as well? I mean there is nothing wrong with spanking, now if someone were beating their child and out of control that is understandable, but there is nothing wrong with yelling at a kid or spanking them.

to CliffOnTheRoad #1074185

Also they rarely put those under the age of 13 in Juvenile court. They rarely do this.

Even with teens they rarely put them in juvenile hall, unless the crime is serious and the child is out of control or a repeat offender.

For eight year old's they just give them a scare. I know in some states they ask the parents if they can handcuff the child to give them a scare, but they cannot handcuff a child without the parents permission unless they are a danger to themselves or others.


So if FistedFace came they would not be able to leave the store with the little girl because her mom was somewhere in the store as well? Apparently this child was mature enough to be left alone because as soon as she was she ran away on her own.

Walmart is terrible, and parents should not have take responsibility for their walmart's actions.

I'm sure there will be consequences for the child's black mom and all other black people. Leave Walmart to it's rightful owners, WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Unfairhiringprastises Beltsville, Maryland, United States #1070642


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