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There are a number of grocery stores in my town(including gourmet stores with the reputation of being very expensive)where I can get much of the same stuff I can get at Walmart for much less. Walmart is only cheap when they first move into town.

After they run out the competition they just jack up their prices to expensive levels. People are just brainwashed into thinking they can get stuff for cheap at Walmart.

Walmart was good in Sam Walton's day, but they have been taken over by greedy *** since he died. Stop falling for this Walmart *** and lets get rid of this evil company once and for all!!

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Wal-Mart will cheat you EVERY chance they see opportunity. There IS NO QUALITY CONTROL IN PLACE.

Recent order I placed and shipped to home. Since wait time is excessive for in store pick up. 2 items ordered of course only 1 ITEM received. And OF COURSE.

I was Charged for both items. No response from Customer DIS SERVICE dept. Now being disputed with Discover.

Who were sympathetic Since this is FREQUENT ISSUE with Wal-Mart Stores. BUYER BEWARE


My sister was given 3 $20 dollars bill after giving cashier a $100 dollar bill. Store manager gave me a gift card for $10. I turned the money over to FBI.




how about we just go on strike outside of wallmart


I can't believe how Expensive Walmart has gotten ,after shopping at the Dollar Store ,the items I purchased there for $13 would have been close to $70 at Walmart!!!



dollar store is $1 everything isn't it?


Yes,I agree.This country has enough problems with" GREEDY PEOPLE"(u.s government) Why do we have to take this? Lets get rid of this virus.Let us be free again and give us a choice instead of forcing just to shop at one place.They make their money back from ripping people off.


I bought my friend $50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Cards from Walmart.com and had them "shipped" to her directly by walmart.com. 21 days later, my friend has no gift card, I called customer service at Walmart.com Every day this week spending a total of 12 hours on hold and talking to brain dead *** who simply read templates they are given and never actually answer a question correctly.

walmart.com claims they shipped the cards with out a tracking number, and have ZERO proof it was actually delivered or sent for that matter. I was forward to the "billing office" on an escalation ticket, they simply said we do not send refunds or replace gift cards. And to make a dispute with my financial institution. When I told them I had paid with a walmart gift card they said to make a dispute with my financial institution that I bought the walmart gift card with.

I told them I paid cash, they told me to make a dispute with my financial institution that I

got the cash from. Run around after runaround, lies, lies, lies, excuses, NO answers.

The best part was when I told the "supervisor" she was being recorded and asked her to repeat every thing she told me again. All she said for 30 minutes was, You do not have my permission to record the call. I wasn't recording, but that goes to show you the dont want their B.S.

responses being broadcast. I guess if any one wants FREE gift cards, buy them from Walmart.com with an actual credit card that will let you dispute the charges.

Walmart.com doesnt provide tracking info when shipping the card, you will win the dispute with the card company. FREE GIFT CARDS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!


Complete nonsense, Walmart is much cheaper on almost ALL grocery items, household products, paper goods, etc. If you don't like them, fine, don't shop there, but don't spew lies and try to convince us it's the truth. Anyone who regularly shops at Walmart knows their prices are better.

@Sara L Xph

That is because you don't shop anywhere else to see that their prices are lower.

@Sara L Xph

Bull! And I know because my husband also works for Walmart home office. He is trying to get out of there and get on with Target.


March or June


Walmart software is a ripoff order game never got key or game rom ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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