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This occurred Thursday, Sept., 28th. There were 5 people in line, and one person behind the counter.

I was never successful in getting waited on. I attempted to go to self service so I could get a sticker on my bag and items so I could shop, but they had no stickers -- no apology given. Upon leaving I attempted to call the store manager. The phone rang 20 times before it was answered.

When someone finally answered I asked to speak to the manager, and I was put on hold for 8 minutes. No one ever came back on the line and asked if I had reached my party. I attempted to reach the manger, and the same situation was repeated. This store is falling apart.

The customers and the clerks all complain. At the most there are three check outs open with at least three people in line waiting, The baggers cannot seem to understand you don't put wet items with the dry.

I have told this one man this at least twice. This needs to be looked into!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What you encountered is standard operating procedure for all Walmarts, which is why we no longer shop there. Shop elsewhere, even if you have to pay a few cents more for some items. If you pay attention to the weekly sales at other stores you will find that you can save more money by shopping the other store's weekly sales and most likely not have to put up with Walmart's nonsense.

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