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Ok so while we was browsing the automotive department about a week ago. We Always check out the clearance items in any department of the store.

The cheesiest stuff is always on clearance, and the Atlanta Falcons stick on reflectors was my cheesy find. the yellow sticker price $6.78 was alright price for me to buy for the set of 2 Atlanta Falcons stick on reflectors. My boyfriend loves his NFL home team says it's pretty pricey for the clearance, and I said "I'm getting em". Anyways we get home and the reflectors are forgotten about until last night when my boyfriend happens upon them.

He for some reason pulls the sticker price off and he finds a red sticker price of $3.50.

"R u kidding me" is what I said. I'm wandering how often this happens.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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It is certainly unfortunate, but sometimes products are marked for clearance to help sell through excessive inventory or for other various reasons. While it is true, they could have easily taken the red sticker off, the price of the item was clearly marked for its intended price.

The same intended price which you agreed to pay. No one can really tell you the true reason behind your situation, but I hope this may shed light whether it helps or not.


If there was a yellow tag over the red tag that means it had gone back off of clearance and was back to its original price. They should have taken the clearance sticker off, sure, but that doesn't mean the clearance price doubled, it means it wasn't on clearance.