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Went to Strongsville walmart deli. One couple was finishing their order, I was the only other customer waiting there.

the man/boy totally ignored me and went to help 2 men who walked up to the counter. I waited and as he was finishing up with the first one I said "just to let you know I've been waiting here'', again ignored. Another man behind the counter came to get my order. I ordered some cheese and said that I was going to get more and would be down by the cheeses in the case.

I waited and waited, could see him walking around behind the counter and thought "it's taking a long time for him to get 5 slices of cheese. after a while someone (yet another cust. who was being waited on) said that there was some cheese on top of the counter and handed it to me. the employee just put it on the counter and walked away, never asked what else I wanted, and left me waiting to get the other items I wanted.

I have had similar experiences of being ignored by the deli workers behind the counter, they act as though they don't hear you, ignore you and keep on going or act like they're doing me a tremendous favor.

Perhaps it's because I'm a senior and they have no respect for old people, Perhaps they are just ignorant jerks. anyway...I'm done with that place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm a young'un and I get treated the same way at the Wal-Mart deli. They just ignore me when I go up to want to get something and act like they are doing me a big favor when they do help me.

Just like you said. It would be so wonderful if all of the Wal-Marts suddenly went out of business because everyone would stop shopping there.Maybe if I get a magic lamp and I can tell the genie that that is my first wish.


I’ve had that happen to me too. This young guy was going in and out of a door acting as though he was really busy.

He saw me standing and waiting. Never once said to me I’ll be right there. Nothing.

I waited 15 minutes and said that was it, no more going to their deli which doesn’t even carry the good Deli meat like Italian cold cuts. So from now on I only purchase that stuff from the grocery store.