Great Falls, Montana
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i bought a flat screen tv from wall mart in helena the remote didnt work so i took it back in to the store the guy in the electronics dept looked at my recipt along with rob the rent a cop the employie took the remote out of the box to make sure it worked packed it back up went to front of store to exchange it with the old one on my way out rob asked me for my recipt that he already seen then told me i was stealing from wallmart then proceded to cuse at my kids and wife in wallmart and nothing has been done to justify this he still works there that is why i bought my ps3 at costco and another wii at hastings i wont shop there anymore to shop there

Monetary Loss: $200.

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My first comment is *doesn't. The word is DOESN'T - not "don't".

Learn proper grammar - it will be your friend when you try to act smart. My second comment is for commenter "Archiac" - actually, he does NOT have to show his receipt. You are only REQUIRED to show your receipt at the exit if you pay a membership to shop a the store. Asking for a receipt may have been the guy's "job" but that is all he can do: ASK.

He can NOT make you show it. You can decline and leave the store w/o breaking any laws.

However, the treatment he received from said guy? It's Walmart - where being rude and unprofessional are job requirements so are you really surprised?


it sounds like a kid or a crackhead posted this story.


Ever thought about using periods in between sentences? It would help your readers out tremendously. Just a thought.


The guy has to ask for the receipt at exit its his job. Anything could have transpired regarding the finality of the purchase when he walked away to get back on post. Just procedural.

Lastly, the officer see 100's upon 100's of people a day and may not have realized initialy...lord know you all look alike.


Maybe they should have arrested you. At least they can teach you to read and WRITE while your in prison.


So what exactly was wrong with the TV?


It seems that maybe there are some details missing from your complaint. If you have a legitimate receipt, why would they accuse you of stealing?

FYI, punctuation and spellcheck. Look into it!