Lufkin, Texas
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I recently purchased a one pound package(16 0z) of extra lean ground beef(quite pricey) at the Lufkin TX Wal Mart. When I got home, I went to make 4, four ounce patties with it.

I weighed each one because I am dieting and was going to freeze them individually. My last patty only weighed 2.7 ounces. SO, i weighed the packaging and found my other 1.3 ounces for that patty. The tray plus the padding in it was not supposed to be what I was paying for!

Deceptive practice don't you think? If I purchase any more from their meat dept, I will be weighing it before I buy it!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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AN UPDATE to the missing beef. After my complaint on the Wal Mart website, the store manager called me.

He tried explaining how the packaging(after he did some random checks himself) didn't add but .05 of a pound to the complete total, whatever. He also explained they didn't package it there, but they are still responsible in my book. I guess the packaging must have absorbed my other 1.3 ounces of the beef.

He did offer me a refund on the package. Guess that's the one thing good I can say about our local Walmart


Here is a suggestion. Go to a grocery store and pick out the cut of meat you desire, give it to a meat dept person and have them double grind it for you. No extra charge and you control what you get.