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Well let me start it is 6:15 A.M. on a Monday and Walmart has no doughnuts available.

They responded that they were working on them. Well I need doughnuts for Meetings first thing in morning on Monday not at 10 or 11 am. I do not like how it is the only shopping store anywhere local it's so aweful. I have stopped shopping there for the most part because of customer service, price gouging and now they have no doughnuts.

No bakery goods of any kind fresh.

Isn't it time to generate a grocery mart with better business and dependablability. I am appalled that they continue to be such an aweful store..I think everyone should boycott Walmart and make their business lose money: for they cant afford that now can they.

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First Born Triplet

Send this message to your local police station, they are not breaking any laws by not providing donuts, but you know if the police do not get their donuts they are in a crabby mood, that means no serving and protecting the store from shoplifters and armed robbers because they don't have the energy to do this due to not getting their morning dosage of donuts.


WalMart doesNOT need your business ! If you don't like it shop somewhere else.


You are attending a meeting? Judging from your grammar, you must be the assistant to the admin assistant or a "go-for." Learn to write proper English.

Also when we going shopping at the Middleburg Hts Pearl road Walmart at 11pm the stock crew are so busy doing the stock list that you have problems walking in the produce area. Plus I've heard their crew members swear in checkout lines before, and I don't know why their team members are also in the same checkout lines, same as costumers too?

Shouldn't they have their own checkout lane? Not as if the lanes aren't packed because they only have to checkout lanes at night to go to. Trust me, shopping after 10pm is no pleasure at all! It's a horrible experience for anyone that goes at that time.

Walmart doesn't care about their costumers after 10pm.

It shows! :( :sigh
Plain and simple, Walmart doughnuts are horrible and over priced! :(
First Born Triplet
to Andrew #891081

The chocolate ones are good though. Only cost $1 for ten mini donuts.


Walmart rarely have any doughnuts after 11pm. if they do they are limited.

I'll admit, there were times my girlfriend and I went up to the one in Middleburg Hts, Pearl road and they didn't even have any at all. Walmart I guess you can say doesn't have much of a bakery. I will say that the Birthday cake I got one day was awesome.

It had the special cream and it was gone in a day or two. Loved it, but the doughnuts selection is horrible and the cream filled doughnuts aren't really filled much at all.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


"generate a grocery mart"?


Apples and bananas are good, I hear. :zzz

Hey Anti-Walmart I'm willing to bet a months pay that you voted for Obama. am I right?

Look Walmart has no monopoly. Are they cheaper? You bet. do they have better customer service? No freakin way. I testem the local walmart around my parents and funny how they know *** about a TV, notebook, software, clothes food. All they know is how to stock shelvs.

When I go shopping when I'm home I don't go to walmart. I go else where. I may pay a few bucks more but atleast I am happy with the service.

so stop being a cheap@ss and stop yer bit€hing and do something. Be a part os something instead of complaining about it.


To the smart @sses who insulted the poster, GROW UP! Tthat Walmart sounds like it is the only source of baked items available.

They apparently have a monopoly in that area. For all their vaunted BS about "Customer Service", the only service available is similar to what the bull gives the cows. I bet if they were out of your favorite beer you'd be whining like a beaten dog. Competition breeds good service.

Walmart destroys competition. You wanted low prices, you got'em, along with a don't give a *** attitude.


I don't understand how they wouldn't have donuts ready for you. I mean you could've got the day old donuts if nothing else for half the price of the original donuts you were seeking.

I don't believe that we are Bad on our customer service.

I have worked at wal-mart for over 2 years and I am proud to say that I have learned more each day on how to help a customer. I know that not everyone strives to make a difference in each customers day, but I do and I'm proud of the work I do.


I had to host an early status meeting on Monday.

Normally some kind of backed goods and coffee would be offered. Well I decided to take my own advice and offered fruits and different herbal teas.

WAS A HIT! The people liked the idea.

Now I have to write a report about why I chose that, costs and health benifits. Funny how most health insurance plans offer bounuses for people who eat right, get timley check-ups and basicly take care of themselvs.

so Lulue save yerself some money, feel better and stuff yer hole with an apple!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #58775

Just because they don't have donuts at a certain time makes that store awful? I do understand that sometimes some things are a little irritating but trying to insult someone just because they're doing their job is a little over the top. Do you honestly hear everything that you say?


The overweight cops probably had already cruised in and scarfed'em down their pieholes!

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #58536

You're crying over donuts? What an ***!


Isn't it time to have to FRUIT at yer meetings?

Ever hear of eating healthy? New concept for you?

Boo *** Ho !!!!

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