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"This website is horrible, the service is terrible. Order from or someplace but never here.

I ordered a shed. They said ship to store delivery would get it there on the 23rd.

When I placed the order, it said it would arrive on the 30th. Ok, that is an entire week difference between the pre-purchase ETA and the delivery confirmation email but whatever, I'm still getting this shed in reasonable time.

On the 30th I get an email that my item is delayed but no ETA. Ok, no problem, maybe just a day or two off.

A day goes by and nothing from Walmart.

So I tried to click the tracking link in the email. It got me to Walmart site which said "track this order". When I clicked on that link it said, "number not found."

um what?

So I emailed Walmart because that is the only way they give you on their website for contacting them. No phone numbers for customer service on the website.

3 business days later I have not heard anything. Just an automated "we got your email" email from BUT that email did contain a phone number, so I called since they apparently do not respond to emails.

“Hello this is customer service how can I help you?”

“Yeah, I ordered a shed to be delivered to the store. Last week, on the day it was supposed to be delivered, you sent an email saying it would be delayed. The email didn’t say when to expect it. I tried clicking on the link to track it, and it just said ‘number not found.’ Then I emailed you about it and I never heard back. What the *** is going on?”

“Ok let me check on this [verifies my name and order number]. Ok, let’s see it is…. It is…. It’s…. uh….mmm… can I place you on hold while I ask my supervisor-?”

“Go right ahead.”

Hold music

“Ok well it looks like your item was lost in transit. I can order another one for you right now though.”

“WHAT? No. No. Just give me a refund. I just—how do you lose a SHED? Anyway, just give me a refund.”

“Ok, yeah, I’ll do that and you’ll get an email and a confirmation then it should be back in your account in 24-48 hours.”

“Good. Bye.”


That's my first and last time I will ever buy online from Walmart."

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

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Love this post WHO LOSES A SHED? Only a very large corporation that has no clue what it is doing!!

To many cooks in the kitchen!!

They probably never shipped the SHED to begin with they just don't want to say that (it looks bad) they will just say after then see it never got done O we will chip the shed now!! Complaining gets you nowhere they are clueless!!