"leadership through service".......this is a line from your website story.

Walmart has no idea what "service" is in my store or several others in my area. Your staff is pleasant and helpful when you can find someone to help you. I have stood waiting many times for assistance in a department that is not staffed and help has been paged. I have hollered into your back warehouse area for help and the paging continues without anyone coming to my aid. I had someone right in front of me I asked for assistance and he said he would page someone for me. THIS IS NOT SERVICE. Walmart leaves departments unstaffed and assigns employees to cover these areas along with their other assignments. Their hands are tied. The customer suffers and the staff are thrown into a situation they have no control over.

Walmart could have hired an extra person in many cases for what I should charge for my wasted time in your stores.

Please do not talk about SERVICE with regard to your stores. Staffing your stores adequately or hiring responsible managers is desperately needed.

In talking to my family, it seems that their experiences are similar at other Walmarts in our area.

Walmart would do well to look up the meaning of customer service.

Please note that MY store is not the only store with this problem.

I blame management or lack there of.

The value of my loss is invaluable. You abused my time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Find the guys WALKING AROUND in the SUITS talking!! They are the managers and are useless.

page one and they WILL NOT COME!! Walmart and SERVICE shouldn't be put in the SAME SENTENCE!!


It's wal-mart. How can you not find what you're looking for? All of their stores are the same.

to retailblows #727292

best answer ever!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #722627

For heaven's sake grow up! If you used a little exercise and roamed around a little bit looking for an employee, you might get the help that you thought you needed.

If you are in the right department and can't find an item, obviously they don't have it. I don't know anybody that has the problems you have complained about at any WalMart, and I know some pretty nit-picky people. Furthermore, you had absolutely no business going near the stock area and yelling into it for help.

Apparently you aren't aware that the employees in the back warehouse area, would be far enough back, that they wouldn't hear you. If you want the kind of service that it sounds like you think you deserve, maybe you should try shopping at higher priced stores that would be considered full service.

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