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The warranty for a walmart battery lasts only 2 years at the most. After that there is no prorated warranty.

Why pay $40 per year to start a car.

That shows how much faith they have in their batterys. My last walmart battery lasted 26 months. Then they said I had to pay full price for a new battery. It seems that they have an awful lot of bad batterys.

I don't know, but everyone I bought from them I have had to return with the warranty period or bought a new one because ut was a month or two outside the warranty period. I will not buy another battery from Walmart.

went to another battery store and bought a battery with 2 year replacement and 7 prorated replacement. As it should be.

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To Figment>

Your advice is exactly what WM customers that like to freeload always do; buy an item, use it and return it for another one or $ back. Examples: Pools-use it for 89 days in the hottest weather, tear *** in it and return in for a new one or refund.

Weedeaters-buy the cheapest, use it in UR yard business and burn it out and return it B4 the 90 days for a new one and repeat forever.Clothes-buy them for a special ocassion, leave the tags on, wear them and then return them the day following the event for a refund. The list goes on forever but remember, many of these returns are merchandise that is claimed-out as a loss which just makes everything else in the store increase in price for everyone else because U are a low-life thief!


You always get what U pay for and there are expensive batteries at WM if UR willing to spend the $. You bought cheap to save $, which U did. Don't complain later that UR cheap purchase did not perform like an costlier one would have.


It appears that you have not caught onto what the bulk of Walmart's cheapskate customers figured out years ago.

Mark your calendar for when the warranty runs out, then 2 days prior, destroy the item and return in exchange for a new one! $40 for a lifetime of starting your car ain't so bad!


Why would anyone buy a car battery from Wal-Mart? Just cause they are cheap?

There lies the answer, yes they are cheap, but also quality too. Warranty on them sucks to begin with. A typical car battery should last 5-6 years. A 2 year warranty with no prorated?

LOLz goes to show they just take your money and leave you with garbage. At least you learned your lesson, spend the extra few bucks for a quality one with a better warranty