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Mantance on electric cart need to always be charged and have more then 2 carts working in the store tracy on grantline do ALL departments have problems with there phones they NEVER answer i have Disabilities getting around I let it ring 25 times or more that is

Unacceptable Ive been shopping at Walmart many years I tryed reaching corporate office to take care of this serious problem when I asked several managers several times oh yeah weve been having issues with our Customers complaining about this PLEASE Take care of this PROBLEM not fair for handy cap persons of I whelp

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Accessible.

Location: 3010 West Grant Line Road, Tracy, CA 95304

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If you have actually shopped in a Walmart store you would know their aisles are not full of employees ready to help you shop. Do you really think they have the staff to stand around talking on the phone? If shopping in the store is difficult for you make your purchases on-line for pick up at the store and they will bring your purchases to your car.


Stop calling they're busy. Carts are a courtesy.. If you're unable to get around, bring your own.


Carts are a courtesy??? LMAO!!!!

Your ignorance is staggering!

Carts are more for Walmart's benefit, so as to ensure customers will fill them with as much merchandise as possible. You continue to demonstrate your lack of awareness as to the real world around you!


Benefit lollllllllll No store is required to provide junior. Stop making a fool of yourself.


You truly are the most ignorant and pathetic person I think I've ever encountered on any website! You have NO CLUE how the real world works. Go get your GED and do something useful with your life!

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