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I normally shop at the Conover North Carolina Store on my way to work between 6-7 a.m. This morning, 11/11/11 I had a very bad experience.

First as I walked into the West door I noticed hundreds if not thousands of cigarette butts in the pavers leading to the door. This many cigarette butts did not accumulate in one day. I entered the store at 6:34 a.m. I got the few items I needed and went to the end "Speedy" checkout near McDonalds.

This was at 6:44. There were 4 people ahead of me in line all with no more than the proscribed limit of 20 items. From 6:44 to 7:05 I watched a totally inept cashier unable to check anyone out without having a problem. It took her 6 minutes to ring out a fellow with two (2) packs of chewing gum!

I went to the cigarrette aisle. With only one woman in front of me that already had been checked out, for another 5 minutes I was forced to listen to their conversation about Flea Markets. I finally checked out and left at 7:18 a.m. For 18 items, I endured over 30 minutes of ineptitude, rudeness, and total regard for MY TIME before I could get out of the store.

I hope this is not what is going to happen during the Christmas season......oh, wait a minute, yes it's Wal-Mart! One more item of interest. It was 33 degrees outside, and according to my smart-phone the temperature in the store was 77 degrees. I guess when you're Wal-mart you can waste as much energy as you want while people wearing winter coats have sweat running down their faces waiting for a 1/2 hour to get checked out.

I do not normally complain to anybody about anything, but my experience this morning and the filth of the parking lot and pavers was outrageous. I will be shopping at the Hickory, NC Store in the future, or maybe its time to give TARGET a try.

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No. I didn't call you a liar. All I said was that there might have been something to that order that you didn't know about.


1. I have the feeling there is more to the one customers order than two packs of gum that you know of.

They should have opened another express if there was a problem. But calling the cashier inept was very rude. You don't know what happened. 2.

As for the temperature in the store, corporate controls that. Try standing up at that registers for eights hours under those lights with no air conditioning in the summertime. 3. With the second cashier, she should have rung you out, then spoke to the first customer.

I agree with you. That was rude of the cashier. 4. As for the cig buts, someone should have been out there cleaning it up.

And shame on people who can't throw those things away properly. The world would be a happy place without garbage everywhere.

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