Little River, South Carolina
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My answer is: "I no longer will purchase their vitamins."

Since Wal-Mart has chosen to irritate us with yet a second, shorter version of their irritating Spring Valley Vitamin commercial, I will buy any other brand but Spring Valley, regardless of the price.

Specifically, they hired the woman in the red dress to portray what comes across as a drunken bimbo in a nightclub that exclaims "Dancing Captain 95, HOOT, HOOT."

Those "hoots" are like nails on a chalkboard, and I cannot grab the remote fast enough to hit the mute button every 15 minutes when I hear this commercial begin.

What a misappropriation of funds in their advertising budget, using these funds to hire a woman, put her in a red dress, just to "make an *** out of herself," and to make this commercial so memorable in the most negative way, that it drives customers away.

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You have way to much free time that you allow a commercial to affect your life this much that you needed to post this story



The cloak of anonymity has obviously provided you with the fortitude to comment on this opinion in your "free time."

May I suggest that before expressing your sentiments, that you read the previous comment(s) so that you may avoid redundancy.


Go outside. Read a book.

Get a hobby.

My point: watch less tv. I don't even know what commercial you are taking about.