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this is the second time this has happened to me and i am fed up with walmart. as most consumers i try to make my dollar stretch as much as possible so i take advantage of walmarts guarantee about matching prices, with no ad needed.

well today it happened again, the lady in front of me (who was white) comp added everything, crazy prices that were very obvious she was lying. the cashier didnt question her, ask for an ad...nothing. i went to check out...lettuce (normally $1.13) had it comp added for 99cents, the cashier immediately asked me who had it or if i had the ad. now, before i go shopping, i compare all local ads online, write down the prices for what i am needing but never where, as i had never been asked where it was at.

i told her i wasnt sure, showed her my grocery list so she could see that i wasnt just naming numbers but i did have things written down in advance. gloria, my cashier, wouldnt budge. again, i had another comp ad that was refused. she said she was bending over backwards to please me but i had to have the ad.

i told her, why didnt you ask the lady in front of me. she didnt have an answer. so to make a long story short, i started crying, because i had my grocery list preplanned with a certain amount and spent way more than what i was planning. on a side note, "gloria" eventually walked away from her register stating that she "couldnt deal with me" and a CSM took her place.

like i said in the beginning, walmart clearly advertises "find a lower price, we will match it, right at the register, no questions asked". but that is on a pick and choose basis. if you look poor, are not white be prepared because they will refuse you. but im curious to know how many out there have experienced the same thing i went through?

at the walmart in wagoner oklahoma. call me 918-201-4153 or email me:

if there are others, we can do a class action lawsuit. please dont let walmart continue to make people feel like they are not deserving of honesty and respect!

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I went to Walmart today to buy a few items for the weekend. I noticed that they wanted $1.58 for a stalk of celery, and I did not buy it.

I went to another store and found celery selling for $.99 per stalk. Well, this is what low priced must mean, and the other stores sell at a lower price.


Why did you have to bring up the race card? What does the race card have to do with this?

Go troll other sites with your pathetic complaints and when you do consider using proper English and grammar in the future so you don't come out looking like a complete ***. Besides why should Walmart believe something you just wrote down on paper.

I could do that then go to Walmart and ask for the lower price. If everyone did that Walmart would lose tons of money.

gregory N

BAD,BAD,BAD experience at Walmart, and super poor customers service.I wish that my link too my; (must be googled) about numerous beaten shoppers by people hanging out at Walmart without money. I understand Walmart runs from real consumer concerns.


Cook your chicken and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!