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Bought: Chimney Free Electric Fireplace Heater (Twin-Star Internation Brand) Price: $57.82, 2 yr replacement plan $5.00 Was missing Legs Called 1-866-661-1218 (TSI customer service) without cause they hung up and did not return my call So I called Walmart Customer Service 1-800-925-6278, explained my problem with model:CFI-470-04 Fireplace heater. Offered part numbers was told they could not order the parts, that I would have to order them from Twin-Star International.

I REFUSE to EVER buy anything from the ever again!

So I will NOT BE CALLING THEM If you try to use their (TSI) web site they want your PASSWORD to YOUR E_MAIL, NOT GOING TO DO THAT!!! they need name address to send parts, they DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Walmart Pros: People.

Walmart Cons: Supplier failled to help.

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I doubt they wanted his email password. I'm willing to bet they wanted him to create a password for logging onto their site.


100% chance original poster is an old guy who doesn't quite "get" the internet.

They never asked for his email password, he's just not mentally capable of understanding things.


I got the same exact heater, missing two legs. Wal-Mart won't accept it as a return or exchange it.

Called twin star. 3 times. They have verified my name and address 9 times! A month later I'm still waiting for "Tech support" to call me to verify my name and address and let me know the legs are being shipped out.

They also put me on their "High priority list".

What a joke they are. The last lady I spoke with agreed with me when I told her that customer service has turned to {{Redacted}}.


why didnt you just take it back to the very large customer service desk at the walmart it was purchased at and exchange it for another, complete one...


As it was said, the OP bought the warrenty.


How do you know you were hung up on? Haven't you ever been on the phone and had the call disconnect for no reason? If you want your parts, grow up and call Tri-star and try again.


You sound bout retarded